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  1. Well the problem started with the USB connection. I hooked up the external power source once this problem started to see if the USB port is the problem. Also, I have now completely removed the microcontroller from it's socket and the problem persists. The TUSB3410VF chip gets burning hot 2 seconds after I connect the usb cable.
  2. Hello, thank you for your fast answers Yes my usb port is working fine I am now writing this post with my keyboard connected to the same usb port that I used to connect the launchpad. I am trying to see if any pins are shorted out on the LaunchPad but honestly I don't know how this could be the case since I haven't soldered anything and it isn't connected to any wires and stuff like taht.
  3. Hello, thank you for your answer I didn't do any soldering, I didn't do anything except uploading the led blinking program. The schematics say that this is the TUSB3410 chip which is used for usb connectivity.
  4. I connected Ground to the GND pin on the bottom right and +5V to the VCC pin also on the bottom right of the board. This is the chip that gets VERY HOT almost instantly after I plug in a power source. I can't touch it or else I'll burn my finger.
  5. I have received the launchpad from the online TI store 3 days ago. I've uploaded the led blinking sample program to the microcontroller using CCS and it worked. I've unplugged the launchpad, did something else and came back a few hours later to play with it some more. When I plugged the launchpad, I noticed that win7 didn't make the usual sound when a new device is connected. Then I tried reuploading the same code to the microcontroller just to see if it was detected, I got the message "No USB FET was found". I then tried to unplug the launchpad, but the temperature was very high and it burne
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