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  1. OzGrant

    Tiva Reset

    G'day, The reset worked ok, but will check on the protection when I get home.
  2. OzGrant

    Tiva Reset

    G'day, I know its been a long time since the last entry, but found a solution from TI e2e community. HWREG(NVIC_APINT) = NVIC_APINT_VECTKEY | NVIC_APINT_SYSRESETREQ; This causes a Tiva reset.
  3. OzGrant

    Determining Board Selection

    Thanks for the answers. Grant
  4. G'day, At the moment I change a #define that allows me to use different Libs depending on the board used. Is there a #define statement that allows this to happen automatically at compile time? This will allow me to use the same sketch regardless if its for a Tiva or another launch pad.
  5. OzGrant

    Copy SD file to PC

    Robert, Have tried a few capture/spy serial monitors(realterm etc) but they would be difficult for my customers to use. Other than nocking up a VB solution and the hassles getting it install at each site, is there an equivalent cat/dev/ttyxyz that will run in windows and not Linux. Tks
  6. OzGrant

    Copy SD file to PC

    G'day, Have a SD card that is difficult to remove from the mother PCB. due to IP57 water proof box. Is there a simple way of using USB or Bluetooth to transfer a file from the SD card to a spot on the PC hard-drive. Would also be nice to be able to download files to the SD card. Tks
  7. OzGrant

    Configuring DS2406 as an Input

    G'day, At last I've made sense of the datasheet, and can read OK. Will put the extra commands in a library, and after a bit of cleaning up will upload it. Grant
  8. OzGrant

    Tiva Reset

    Saw a solution for MSP430 http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9678-resetting-a-msp430-from-within-energia So maybe a Watch Dog timeout the way to go.
  9. G'day, Having problems getting a DS2406 to detect a change of input. Have found a library https://github.com/dustin/arduino-2406 that switches the output. But it looks like the output latch is sampled and not the IO pin. Any ideas.
  10. OzGrant

    Tiva Reset

    G'day greeeg, Tried your two solutions but nothing happened and the next code line executed. But you have given me a clue on how the reset can be done, and will do a deeper look at your solution, Energia allows you to duck involvement with registers, so this will be a good excuse for me to skill up in this area, Tks for your efforts,
  11. OzGrant

    Tiva Reset

    G'day, Yup have previously used a spare O/P pin connected to RESET and it works ok. But have already made the PCB's and would have to get my customers to send the units back to me for hardware modifications. So using greeeg approach tics all the boxes. I don't normally play around with registers, and my lack of exposure is evident as I get declaration errors when I run the APINT |= SYSRESREQ; // Issue a System Reset code. RulesTivaV79.cpp: In function 'void loop()': RulesTivaV79.cpp:1851:5: error: 'APINT' was not declared in this scope USBcsv=true; ^ RulesTivaV79.cpp:1851:14: error: 'SYSRESREQ' was not declared in this scope USBcsv=true; What extra instructions do I need to execute the Reset. Grant
  12. OzGrant

    Tiva Reset

    G'day, Other than doing a physical reset on pin 16, it is possible to initiate a reset from sketch code,
  13. OzGrant

    SD card 8GB format problem

    Yup, that sounds like the answer. I tried a another brand SD with the same failure. Tks, Grant
  14. G'day, Have had no problems with 4GB SD's using SD.lib. But when I started to use 8GB SD's get all sorts of corrupted files. Not too sure if I have to reformat them (the 4GB just plug in and work) or I have a bad batch from China, or 8GB not supported by SD lib. Any ideas.
  15. OzGrant

    LM Flash error with Windows 10

    Solved. There wasn't a driver installed. My customer was using a spare USB port to talk to Tiva,system.