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  1. I'll accept either shipping method, whatever everyone else wants. I'm not in a hurry for them. I guess i'd lean slightly towards DHL.
  2. When I think of what should be sold in the 43oh! store, I think, what do people like us need, that isn't widely available elsewhere, at places that we'll be ordering from anyway. So what comes to mind for me is this: Breakout boards for smd chips. Something for when we want to use the higher end chips, or the smd variants that have more I/O than the DIP versions. Simple adapters that let us either bring out smd pins to a breadboard, or just to break out the surface mount pins to a through hole for wiring it to another board. They are available, but can be hard to find, and with all the board etching that folks around here do, it seems like it'd be easy to build up a stock of small breakout/adapter boards in sizes for many of the more common/popular Gseries devices Other than that, I think a bunch of "i'll need to throw these in my cart to go along with everything else" items, like 10k resistors for pullups, indicator leds, pushbutton (tactile) switches, etc. But, most importantly, I think things specific to our 3v needs: 3.3 volt LDOs, boost and/or buck switchers, and voltage level translator chips, like TXB0108, 8 port 3.3<>5v bidirectional translator which, iirc, TI doesn't sample. Just trying to think of what'll actually _sell_ here, because it's specifically for our needs _here_ rather than getting picked up at digi-key etc.
  3. I got one too. Bathroom reading lol I find I learn a lot from reading through things that aren't exactly what I'm learning at the moment. I read tool catalogs too. It's nice when you have a problem and go "think I read about this somewhere once" or "i saw a tool that can do this". Also, no matter how easy it gets, dead trees win over pixels for ease of reading. Not price though.
  4. Such perfect timing! This is exactly what I need for the halloween decoration i'm making. I'll use this to control the mouths of 8 small jack-o-lanterns (see evil mad scientist labs' "snap-o-lantern) and make them "sing" a different note each, to play "tubular bells" (the theme to "The Exorcist") I'll ptobably make each pumpkin lit up with a different coloref LED also, to emphasize that each is a different note. Thanks!
  5. It may have been pointed out here before, but TI has a few FREE (breakout boards?) in the estore right now. The easiest way to find them is to just enter "free" in the estore's search box. At the moment, there are 2 op-amp modules, a buffer module, and an amplifier module. I don't have time to look in detail, but they ARE there, and they ARE free. Incl. shipping. "Dem-buf-sot-1a - free" is the name/ part number of one of them. The description is "demonstration fixture" Limit 3 is listed also. Search "free" and you'll get a few dozen hits, most are priced $5.00, but a few are 0.00. I'm wondering if they rotate which ones are free occasionally, since the $5.00 ones also have free in the title. Maybe someone with a bit more free time tonight can look into them, and give us some more info about it. Btw, our friend kenneth finnegan (PhirePhly) has made a thermocouple amplifier board, he has a few spares he's willing to share with anyone who has a use for it. I don't mean to put words in his mouth, check out his blog for info. And once again, thanks Kenneth.
  6. I know you all have seen the recent radio shack ad campaign, about how they are embracing makers and diy-ers. I went in there the other day, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had trebled the size of the components/tools/diy section! They now have a couple dozen kits from velleman and others, copper clad pcb and protoboards in many sizes and shapes, lots of project boxes and test equipment, anda lot of new components, like ic sockets, chip puller tool, and all that jazz. I was quite excited to see that perhaps the ads, and the poll they did on makezine, were being followed up on. I live in portland, OR, and I happen to live near the store that is known to all the other RS in town as "the diy branch" ie the one that has the most diy stuff in portland, so I don't know how well the rest of the country is being handled. However, I did go check in at 2 other radio shacks, and they had both done the same! I am excited about this turn of events! The stuff still _is_ expensive, but I just consider it the price I pay to have relatively obscure products (not obscure to diy-ers, but to the general public) available to me locally. No shipping costs, or long wait for delivery. Like buying a gallon of milk at the gas station instead of the grocery store. Has anyone else noticed this in their town? Wnat are all your thoughts on this? Someone on HaD said it was "too little, too late". I don't think thats the case. It may be too late to win back some of us, but there's always another generation of hackers just getting their toes wet.
  7. If not all posts in a thread, maybe switching to 20 or 50 posts per page would make a big improvement imo.
  8. hiatus138


    Ground coffee definitely does oxidize. The coffee snobs insist on using it within 15 minutes of grinding. The airtight container doesn't make a ton of difference, the problem is surface area. Once it's ground, there's plenty of air in between all those grains of coffee to oxidize it, even in an airtight container. The oxygen gets replaced every time you open it anyway. Those sealed cans of folgers etc. are packed with nitrogen or co2, cant remember which, if they aren't vacuum packed.
  9. Forgot what the c7k & k9c mean on those .1 caps? Google is no help at all. Tolerance rating? Or temperature related?
  10. Hiatus138 [2] Never done one of these group buys before. How will we handle paying you?
  11. HackADay has posted this same promo. If you're trying to decide, you probably wanna jump now before the 1500 units are sold and the promo ends. Hopefully, the HaD post will bring some more people into the MSP430 fold HaD also posted V0JT4's slot car project. Congrats V0JT4, and congrats 43oh! on the double exposure. (i dropped our name a time or 2 in the comments).
  12. Well, when applied, the discount comes up on the invoice as "generic fram discount" or something like that. I thought "generic, hmmmm" and therefore I tried applying it to a different fram dev kit, hoping that maybe it applied across the whole fram line, and was simply unannounced (at least to us low volume customers). unfortunately, no "secret easter egg" type discount. Ah well. Can't blame a guy for trying. Hackers gotta hack! :twisted: -Gene Side note- gave a guy I met a launchpad the other day. He lives in, and drives 30-50K miles a year in, an old school bus, painted black and modded out Mad Max-style. The thing runs on waste oil, and produces it's ovn fuel and electricity on board, and the owner does all the wrenching, hacking, modding and bailing-wire-and-duct-taping himself. Just so happens, he had learned C programming in school, but had no knowledge of microcontrollers. Coincidentally, I had just that day received a spare "just in case I fry it" LP, so destiny (or density? ) forced me to give it away. I think it's neat that the $4.30 LP has found it's way into the hands of perhaps the most frugal man on earth! (the last leg of their trip, 10,000 miles, cost exactly $300 for fuel.) This in a 6mpg bus!! Punk Rock Anarchists FTW!
  13. Have you seen this? http://www.tifun.net They sell a proto shield and an xbee shield for the launchpad, for $12 & 18.88 respectively, along with a few other things. I'm not associated with them in any way, just found it while browsing. I'm guessing they are located in Spain or France, since the site is offered in French, Spanish, and English. The english is a bit shaky, but not too bad. However, they do ask $6.00 for a launchpad, (on sale for 5.07 currently), and 59 for a chronos, so things may be a tad overpriced. I have not bought anything from them, so maybe someone else can fill us in on shipping details etc. Perhaps this is a good resource for 43oh-ers in Europe. love, Gene :-)
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