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  1. Uninstalling Fedora msp430-gcc package helped, now everything works!
  2. Script from your link works for me too! Script included in energia-0101e0007-beta-linux didn't build msp430-g++, but the one from your link did. But now here is another problem... Compiler starts but does not recognise MCU-s: cc1: MCU msp430g2231 not supported Known MCU names: msp1 msp2 msp430x110 msp430x112 msp430x1101 msp430x1111 msp430x1121 msp430x1122 msp430x1132 msp430x122 msp430x123 msp430x1222 msp430x1232 msp430x133 msp430x135 msp430x1331 msp430x1351 msp430x147 msp430x148 msp430x149 msp430x1471 msp430x1481 msp430x1491 msp430x
  3. I'm new here, so first hello to all. Running Fedora 17, kernel 3.4.4-5.fc17.x86_64. I've compiled git version and energia-0101e0007-beta-linux without problems. Energia compiles OK and msp430-gcc too. But when I want to compile anything, Energia complains that it can't find/run msp430-g++. I cant find msp430-g++ anywhere . If I compile msp430-gcc included in energia-0101e0007-beta-linux all is OK, but msp430-g++ is missing. I've installed Fedora binary package of msp430-gcc and msp430-g++ is also missing. On my laptop running Ubuntu, I've installed binary package gcc-msp430 and m
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