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  1. thanks :thumbup: , just subscribed to http://tideals.com/ now the long wait starts.....
  2. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a EZ430 Chronos programmable watch to tinker with. Is there anybody who's got this working with Energia or connected to an Arduino, RasPi or Launchpad ?
  3. Thanks Rickta59 !! This will probably answer all my questions !! Great !!
  4. Hi all, I'm an electronics hobbyist with some Arduino code writing experience. With Arduino I'm reasonably comfortable now, I dig the basics. I'm trying out Energia now on my Launchpad board but some things still are not clear. The main thing is the pinout comparison with Launchpad and Arduino. What pins are analog and digital in/out ? The sketches in the Energia compiler are Arduino sketches and it is not clear for me where my wires go. Is there someone who can clearify this for me ? Sorry for the stupid question but I tried to find it without succes..... :?:
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