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  1. i am facing problems in detection of output from pir sensor and gettin the led glow for showing the motion with use of adc plz help me out #include void start_conv(void); unsigned int result_new,result,THRESHOLD = 50; void main (void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; //KILL WD IFG1 &= ~BIT1; //CLEAR OCILLATOR FAULT FLAG __delay_cycles(5000); BCSCTL2 = SELM_2 + SELS; //MCLK=SMCLK=XT2CLK // ADC initialization ADC10CTL0 &= ~ENC; //reset ENC bit as to change bits ADC10CTL0 = ADC10SHT_2 + MSC + ADC10ON + ADC10IE; //configure ADC //ADC10AE0 = BI
  2. hey can anyone tell me its working...the use of adc and the ldr in this project...
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