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  1. Hi! I solved it You have right, it is easier to adopt LCD library: #define sendData(data) send(data, 1) #define sendInstruction(data) send(data, 0) #define initDisplay() sendInstruction(0x3C); sendInstruction(0x0E); clearDisplay(); sendInstruction(0x06); delayMicroseconds(2000); //for 16Mhz #define clearDisplay() sendInstruction(0x01); delayMicroseconds(2000) #define DATAPIN BIT6 #define CLOCKPIN BIT5 #define ENABLEPIN BIT4 void send(char data, char registerSelect); void sendDataArray(char data[], char length); char charIndex = 0; char bitCounter = 0; void sendDataArray(char data[]
  2. Hi Thank you for code for DS18B20, but i have a question... Is there any possibility to get work it with DCO set on 1Mhz? Becouse I have to use other project (3 wire LCD)and with 16Mhz LCD does not work :/
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