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  1. Both of my LPs are on their way too. Expecting them every moment.. :-)
  2. Maybe the easiest way should be to dismantle camera and attach some wires to the ON/OFF switch and the Trigger switch. Then you can connect those wires to msp430's gpio and easily toggle "switches". I know it isn't hi-tech solution but it should be done in very short time at least for testing purposes.
  3. - It's an example algorithm for PC side of connection. It toggles LEDs by sending appropriate char through UART to the Launchpad.
  4. Thanks, I tought so... So it would be usefull to use good filter for acc data. Maybe Chebyshev or some other lowpass filter. Does anybody have any experience with this, or some working code I should modify? Thanks
  5. Hello to everybody! I'm trying to make program, that is capable of speed measurement only with data from accelerometer. It is not a msp430 device, so there is no problem with program memory or CPU speed (I'm using 48Mhz freescale CPU). Actually I can read data, store them etc. Only problem is that I don't know the way how to calculate speed precisely.. Maybe some numerical method of integration will be usefull. But at first I decided to ask for help if somebody of you did such thing as I want to do. Thanks for any reply (hope you understand my problem :-)
  6. Of course, I know it. That's why i supposed that some sale codes will be known just few days after seminars. But there is nothing :-(
  7. Hi! I know I'm annoying but still no sign about MCU days offer..?? I've been looking forward to 4/30 for a long time so it makes me little bit nervous not to hear any information about it :-)
  8. If you want to run launchpad from battery, it is possible to connect 3,6V li-ion battery to launchpad Vcc and GND pins. I use nokia battery all the time like this. But you must be careful and remember to disconnect battery before connecting launchpad through USB to computer.
  9. Vitos

    MSP430 Seminars

    Of course they are still at seminar, I forgot to count with time difference between Europe and America, sorry. I'll be patiently waiting for any future information. Once again sorry for this confusion.
  10. Vitos

    MSP430 Seminars

    Hello to everybody! I have a question for you, is it possible to ..ehm.. obtain TI discount code? I've started with launchpad in the past and I wish to continue with chronos watch programming, so it would be great to buy it for 25$. Thanks for any response
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