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  1. hope this is not too late.. but added a booster pcb Bluehash - 10 Cubeberg - 1 + 1x 43oh Booster GeekDoc - 1 + 2x Rob's logger board OppaErich - 2 djun - 1 + 1x 43oh Booster gmtii - 1 + 1x 43oh Booster DandD - 1
  2. adding one! Bluehash - 10 ...uhm.. binary notation ? Cubeberg - 1 GeekDoc - 1 OppaErich - 2 djun - 1
  3. djun

    MSP4302272 ADC Help

    RobG has posted some code on using two potentiometers to control two servos: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=284&start=10#p7819 This code is for the G2331, but because it uses the ADC10, register settings should be more or less the same. You will have to change the include header (i.e. #include ). Are you tied down to using A2, A14, and A15? It would be easier if you could use A0, A1, and A2, as the conversion sequence scheme he is using (called sequence-of-channels) expects the channels to be in order, starting from A0. When reading his code (which also has code for setting up the PW
  4. djun

    MSP4302272 ADC Help

    which msp430 chip are you using?
  5. So I went ahead and re-did the board, adding in the two requested features, and also putting in a voltage regulator. I started from Matt's original schematics and then also borrowed from the Razor IMU design (sold on Sparkfun). I've attached the Eagle files, and any feedback would be appreciated! I was lazy and used the autorouter, which worked well enough. I like this design because its cheap, compared to the alternatives I've seen. Once I get the boards made, I'll start working on the firmware. MotionPack_2A.zip
  6. any updates on this board? was it ever finished?
  7. Thanks! I'm in Urbana/Champaign IL.
  8. I must have missed the post, but was the schematic for the final pcb ever posted?
  9. Hello! I am looking forward to reading about all the cool booster pack ideas that people have come up with. Hopefully I'll even contribute one of my own!
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