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  1. Have some 5V SPDT EM-relay (called "sugar cube" relays), rated for ~240VAC-10Amps. To switch those, I believe I cannot directly connect them to the MSP430 launchpad I/O pins, right ? I need to use a BJT/FET -- mandatorily ? The 4 relays in turn control incandesent lamps. If anyone has a circuit schematic they could share, it would be very helpful. thanks, Jay
  2. Not sure if I am missing something obvious, but can one really connect a speaker (what wattage, internal resistance?) to P1.6 ?? Can those pins really drive a speaker ?
  3. This is crazy awsome. I've got couple of projects where I was using IOIO, but being able to directly use USB hostmode of tablets (Android 3.x or ICS/JB devices) with MSP430 would be so wonderful. I've got few Allwinner A10 (rather A13) based tablets, but being able to retain warranty on them is crucial, so I am not able to either root the tablets, or install the drivers for usb mode emulation (voids the warranty). So, I can only wish that a libusb based user-mode solution like this one http://android.serverbox.ch/?p=549 (Android + Arduino over USB) could be made someday.
  4. Ok, my bad! Should've followed the links. Looks like 5 USD was a limited period promotion. Anyhow, as I said, 12.99 USD with free 2-day WW shipping is hard to beat for this performance class. Look forward to ordering few for myself, but it show In-Stock and delivery in 4-6 weeks at the same time... kinda confusing.
  5. Have patched kernels in the past, so I think I should be able to manage it, else will come back here. Thanks for the offer.
  6. Ah okay. This is much better than what I'd read earlier. Are you aware of the the CD driver patch location ?
  7. And, I understand that there are no VCOM drivers required on Linux ?? Surprisingly material on Launchpad Wiki (including comments there), and some Q&A on Stackexchange indicated that the Virtual COM port of Launchpad uses a hybrid driver model, which is why serial comm with Launchpad on Linux was problemmatic. I guess that is either incorrect or history!
  8. Thanks @Rickta59. Can you clarify the cost of using TimerSerial in terms of RAM, program memory ? Since this uses a timer resource, is there any other library or function that cannot be used, which also requires timer ?
  9. On the 'Serial Communication' wiki entry, I see that the 'Software UART' case has not been elaborated or explained, unlike the Hardware UART feature available on v1.5 Launchpads. Can it be used to communicate with a Processing sketch running on PC (running Linux) ? Can someone please confirm that they have got the serial communication working (bidrectional) between MSP launchpad ?
  10. Hi, As someone moving from Atmel's (both baremetal and Arduino/clones) to MSP430, I was really jubilant to find something like MSPhere, but looking at the blog and this forum, I get the impression that the project has been stopped/abandoned. Can the project owner comment ? Is there any hope of reviving the work ? For me, if TimerA, GPIO work reasonably well, without excessive bloat (beyond say 15-20% of native C code), it is good enough, although having I2C/TWI and PWM abstraction would be good. If someone has used MSPhere for such tasks, with reasonable level of success, would like to
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