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  1. Oh, that makes sense! Buffer is indeed 16 bytes, but it appears to "work" if I issue repeated start after the first command bytes go out. Basically if I add Serial.println(Wire.endTransmission(false)); before the big loop, then it does send the right number of bytes. Now the bytes themselves are not what they should be so I am probably just crawling some random memory location Will fiddle with buffer size instead. Thanks!
  2. Also tried using Serial.println(Wire.write(databuf,len)); Status comes back with the right number of bytes sent, but once again I only see 17 of them on the bus before the Stop condition is issued
  3. Stumbled on this strange behavior when using Energia with 430G2553 Launchpad and also Fraunchpad. Any time I try to do a long write to I2C device, only 17 bytes get put on the actual wire. What am I missing here? Code typically looks like this- I start transmission, sit in the loop sending data and then end transmission. Here is an example with a bunch of debug : { byte temp=0; Serial.println("Transmitting display data"); Wire.beginTransmission(SSD_ADDR); Serial.print("\t"); Serial.print(SSD_DUMMY_BYTE_C,HEX); Serial.print("\t"); Serial.println(Wire.writ
  4. We've designed this for ourselves, but liked the result enough to make a bunch for sale. The design uses MSP430G2452 and could be hacked to do other things, but the main idea it's a prompter for martial arts practice. The kits are available on Tindie at https://tindie.com/shops/kuzyatech/kicky-dude-taekwondo-trainer-kit/
  5. Just the breakout as pictured. The display is typically in stock at Mouser, so it's very easy to get them. Do you think offering them together would be more useful from buyer convenience point of view?
  6. Would logins from here work or do i need to register separately?
  7. Used them for laser cut stencil once and had good results and turnaround time
  8. Hmm, I may have to yell at our TI reps at work- not a single one even mentioned this board !
  9. I have a few boards from my prototype build for sale. http://kuzyatech.com/first-product-for- ... d-breakout Also, If there is interest, I can turn it into a boosterpack as well- let me know any wishlist features
  10. FYI, the 50x50mm one is this size because 50x50mm happens to be the cheapest PCB one can order from at least two popular manufacturers (Seeed and iTead), so it only makes sense to have a size that can be used as a guide to design the cheapest bang for the buck. Oh, didn't think of that one. I've been using DorkBot PDX, and for them it's just by square inches with no min. May have to add 50mm as well.
  11. Here is a library of DipTrace schematic symbols and footprints for those working on booster packs. I modeled them after gordon's Eagle library(viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1684), with slight modifications. I did three sizes: Full is assuming the pack covers the whole Launchpad Left is for those who want to align the left edge (USB) and leave the buttons open Min is just wide enough to fit two headers. Outline is done on assembly layer as a reference/guide and will not show up on silk Dimensions checked versus TI's official drawing and also the Launchpad sources in Eagle. Comments are
  12. I guess I'll make one- will model it after the Eagle version if the author is OK with that?
  13. Has anybody made something like this in DipTrace yet? I am about to embark on a new shield project and I use DipTrace.
  14. I like Luminary and their libraries- once had to get a project done in two weeks at work, and they literally saved the day. Want to do firmware update- sure, use this library and call that function. Done.. Let's see, so far I have: Fluke 8842, Fluke 8000A, Agilent U1252A, HP54645, BK 1698D, Wavetek 35XP, LG FG-2002C, Sinclair PDM 35 My blog is kuzyatech . Will add it signature when allowed- don't really want to post empty messages
  15. Hello all, just stumbled on the forum and decided to stick around. I am an engineer, mostly designing hardware, including MSP430/Luminary and occasionally dabbling in firmware and VHDL. My main concentration is digital design, though analog is always fun as well. Oh, and I collect interesting old test instruments and blog about fixing them (or trying to)
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