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  1. Not necessary. Just any kind of prepaid contract or special M2M contract.
  2. Yes, this story continues. Now I produce a small batches of boosterpack based on WS6318 (900/1800MHz) for my customers. Libraries and examples code are still in progress. Also I have developed and prototyped a new WISMO228 based boosterpack (quad band).
  3. Damn! I can't belive! I has placed order at 9/3/2012 and today tired of waiting news from estore take a look at my account.. And what I see? Order was canceled by ECCN! LM4F restricted to export to Russia? Why?? Cortex-M4 cores have sells on each corner but LM4F dev board restriced to export... I'm sad.
  4. About 'Smart Metering Solution Sample Kit' contents: 1. TMS320F2812PGFA - 1pcs 2. ADS131E08 - 2pcs 3. ISO7241C - 2pcs 4. AMC1100 - 2pcs
  5. New release of WS6318 GSM boosterpack PCB just arrived.
  6. Hi there! Good news. $4.99 Stellaris (Cortex-M4) LaunchPad coming soon! http://www.ti.com/ww/en/launchpad_site/ ... -launchpad
  7. I did't find this informaton too. I guess it should be parts marked red and listed in 'Product information' section. But in any case all this parts can be ordered separatley via Order Free Samples.
  8. Just FYI. TI recently announced about new multichanel AFE for power usage monitoring. http://www.ti.com/ww/en/more/solutions/ ... tmeter-bhp Free samples kit available. In this kit more interesting (and suitable for AC power usage BP) are ADS131E08 and AMC1100. ADS131E08 has same functionality as MCP3903 (but 8-ch onboard) and similar price. AMC1100 is a isolated amplifier, which can be powered directly from the mains through the Zener diode.
  9. RobG, You talk about an universal adaptor board where pins will be grouped by functions and may be configurable to the real pins of numerous MCU boards. Right?
  10. What about sharing UART? Only software realisation on common GPIO's?
  11. Hi there! Time goes, booster packs becomes more and more but pins of LP are not. May be necessary to think about standards of interfaces to be able to stacking any existing BP's to LP? Standards not for TI but as sign of good manners on 43oh. For example using SPI or I2C instead the UART and configurable lines for IRQ's and CS'es. Bridge SPI<->UART is only an additional cheapest MPS430G2 on BP. In benefits of this solution is possibility placing an API functions on this chip. What are you think?
  12. I'm sorry, but that appnote provide isolation. If you mean isolation of metering IC, then yes, currently only Maxim (Teridian) has suitable technology isolating of metering IC from the sensors (sensors as a current shunts and voltage sensors).
  13. @Automate, look on this. It's safe, accuracy and has low cost BOM. Isn't this device is a beautiful? Seriously, why you think it should be a booster pack? Surface area of booster pack less then Arduino shields, MSP430 value series litle bit weaker than ATmega328 used by guys from openenergymonitor.org and in last, I doubt that sketches from emonTx would work now with Energia and LP (may be I'm wrong). Where is a profit?
  14. Not for a specific project. Currently I'm planning writing Energia libraries and some screencasts about using it with services like Cosm or Thing Speak.
  15. TI has the great appnotes and code library for building AC usage monitoring and measurement systems. http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slaa494/slaa494.pdf http://www.ti.com/tool/msp430-energy-library They are based on low cost analog front-end for electricity metering MSP430AFE2xx. I'm alredy used it in my own smart plugmeter and highly recommend. But actually I don't think what LP + AC usage Booster Pack is suitable for that. Because there have a deal with high voltages and there is a risk of voltage damage without the proper enclosure and isolation.
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