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  1. Discharging a CRT: http://www.stickycarpet.com/pinx/md.html A do a Google search for Dig Dug repair log, you'll find lots of info.
  2. That looks like an original Dig Dug cabinet and board there! A rare find these days. Most have been converted to JAMMA or worse still, MAME. I know of lots of people that would cry to hear that you may put an LCD display in there and MAME it. Even not working, the board is worth quite a bit of money. You did will for $150. I used to collect arcade stuff some time ago. I would buy faulty boards on eBay then fix them. I ended up with quite a collection but it took over my house so I got rid of the lot. :cry: I keep thinking of getting another cabinet, but I know that it wouldn't
  3. Nah. A motor was damaged (caused the crash anyway), one arm was bent/fractured and 3 props with missing blades. All the important stuff survived. It was flying again later that weekend.
  4. I know what it's like to lose a prop (motor, actually) from height. :oops:
  5. Brilliant work! That's nice stable flight you have there. I would forget using prop savers. You are hanging the weight of the quadcopter (/4) on those rubber bands. Use fixed hubs and buy shares in a prop manufacturer. Trust me, I have. :? And be confident and get some height! You'd be surprised at how much ground effect there can be.
  6. I don't need a board, just the GPS. One is going in one of my quadcopters, the other is for when I fry the first.
  7. 1. Bluehash------------------------1 2. krzyk2?--------------------------2(I) 3. GeekDoc------------------------1 4. dkedr?---------------------------2(I) 5. SugarAddict?--------------------2 6. caa028--------------------------2 7. xmob----------------------------2 (I)
  8. You're talking in .5 second(ish) increments. The startup time I would imaging to be in the order of microseconds. I don't think you need to worry unless timing really needs to be THAT precise.
  9. There's nothing remotely reckless about Apple refurbs. They come in new packaging, have been thoroughly tested (more than factory new) and are cosmetically perfect (housings are replaced for minor imperfections). When you consider that you get standard Apple warranty also, it could be argued that it's reckless to buy new.
  10. Apple certified technician here. What do you want to use the Mac for? For a portable, you're limited to the Air or the Pro. For some bizarre reason, Apple dropped the MacBook. The Air is the ultimate in portability. The Pro is a proper solid work horse. Desktop wise, you have the Mini, iMac and Pro. The Pro is a VERY powerful system but is also VERY expensive. The Mini is the baby of the bunch. It's good for day to day stuff. Don't be tempted by the base model, you will start to notice just how poor the Intel graphics are very quickly. The iMacs are reasonably well specc
  11. xmob


    I've contacted HackADay to see if they'll post an article calling for help.
  12. The DorkbotPDX PCB service does 4 layer PCBs.
  13. I've had success with Maxim samples in the past so I've given this a go. Hopefully they'll send a sample through.
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