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  1. Right, but how about APC220? If I set both Chronos and APC220 to the same frequency and baud rate will they be able to communicate?
  2. Yeah, on the Chronos side I'm thinking on something about it. My doubts go to "others" RF with Chronos. To be more precise, between Anaren AIR modules, APC220 and Chronos, all on the same frequency. APC220 is well known to work with other microcontrollers.
  3. Is it possible for a Chronos 433MHz, for example, to capture signals sent from other non-TI devices on the same frequency range?
  4. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I'm looking for more range (300ft+). I tried to use an AIR BoosterPack but it'll use more pins than I need. I'll change for APC220s.
  5. I'd like to know the range of those guys and the pins they use (P2.0, P2.1, P2.2, P1.6 and P1.7 only for MSP430G2553, right?) and if there's any code working for strings being transmitted over RF, if possible. Edit: I won't buy nothing for now. My credit card is already on its limit
  6. Well, in the last weeks I tried to change the pins to use the UCA instead of UCB of the MSP430 Launchpad. It worked, but I need to use the ADC ports. So, back to your post: in fact I'm reading P1.6 low, and I'm using 10K pullups. What should I do, then? I'm using the following settings to enable I2C, and I'm afraid I'm forgetting something: P2SEL &= ~(BIT6 | BIT7); P2DIR |= BIT7; P2OUT |= BIT7; //P2.7: CSn, putting it as high P1SEL |= BIT6; P1SEL2 |= BIT6; P1DIR |= BIT6; P1SEL |= BIT7; P1SEL2 |= BIT7; P1DIR &= ~BIT7;
  7. Hi, if you have a Chronos 868 that you have lying around (in good conditions ) I'd like to get for me. Tell your price including shipping (to Brazil, it can be through standard mail). Thanks!
  8. Hi, The modifications aren't working. I also did some port settings before, but they still don't do any effect (in MSP430G2553 provided in the Launchpad, P2.7 = XOUT. I don't have any crystal soldered, and by the manual I presume that if this port is high, the chip would be inactive). P2SEL &= 0x3F; P2DIR |= 0xC0; P2OUT |= BIT7; OPEN_I2C_ON_P1_6(); OPEN_I2C_ON_P1_7(); How could I turn on/off or activate/deactivate the RF module? Or any other change that could work? It seems that there is the possibility to create a manual I2C, however there's someone who already did that to
  9. I'm still experiencing the same results, even when using or not using the I2C calls in the earlier post. Edit: my bad, I haven't noticed the other two port settings, only the first (P2SEL &= 0x3F). I'll test it by tomorrow. Meanwhile, if I still experience failure, what other changes may I do?
  10. Talking with Mr. Geoffrey from Anaren made me to fix the code above: #define OPEN_I2C_ON_P1_6() P1SEL |= BIT6; P1SEL2 |= BIT6; P1DIR |= BIT6; // Set up for SCL
  11. I have actually only the P1.6 and P1.7 connected. I'm using the following code: #define OPEN_I2C_ON_P1_6() P1SEL |= BIT6; P1SEL2 |= BIT6; P1DIR |= BIT6; // Set up for SCL #define OPEN_SPI_ON_P1_6() P1SEL |= BIT6; P1SEL2 |= BIT6; P1DIR &= ~BIT6; // Set up for SOMI #define OPEN_I2C_ON_P1_7() P1SEL |= BIT7; P1SEL2 |= BIT7; P1DIR |= BIT7; // Set up for SDA #define OPEN_SPI_ON_P1_7() P1SEL |= BIT7; P1SEL2 |= BIT7; P1DIR &= ~BIT7; // Set up for SOMI I chosen OPEN_I2C_ON_P1_X before calling the I
  12. Well, I'm somewhat startled by the course of the things. I have two different projects: one with the RF code and other with some sensors code (one of them uses the I
  13. I'll be creating in the next days a BoosterPack for Autonomous Energy. It'll feature perhaps the following: A Microchip MCP1253-33X50 for converting voltage from Solar panels/AAA batteries to a stable 3.3V output; One slot (V+ and GND) for Solar Panels like this one (where they may produce by average a voltage ranging from 2.5~5V). One slot (V+ and GND) for two AAA batteries. In fact, you'll be able to use a solar panel (purchased from wherever you want and put wherever you want) and two AAA rechargeable batteries in a way that in sunny days the solar panel will be fully working c
  14. jaeger92


    It seems that dealing with I2C is something hard to deal in MSP430. I was looking for something to be used with the Launchpad to hook the BMP085, MLX90614 and the HH10D into it, but I'm not having any success with it. I tried to modify some of the code used by the slaa382 and the code sent by gwdeveloper in a thread he started in this forum for his BMP085. I'm trying to tinker into it for some months and without success. In the other hand, I successfully could do 1Wire readings and a frequency counter, and the more normal ADC and other operations. All I wanted to get was a weather station
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