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  1. Mine arrived (2 GPS + 2 PCBs for booster pack). Soldered one of them up and it works like a champ. Fast signal lockup, even indoors. The 1 PPS output is a big plus. Has someone posted sample code for the MSP430 anywhere to talk to this device? Thanks.
  2. bluehash - did you get my payment via PayPal? (John Tarbox).
  3. Actually I was thinking that since the C2000 has a good ADC, which is one of the key features that differentiates it from other low cost TI micro-controllers, that it might be good for decoding Amateur Radio digital signals such as packet radio (APRS).
  4. I would be interested in two (2) each of the GPS units and the 43oh GPS Boosterpack. Please email me at john (at) pimboat.com and let me know how to pay you. Thanks. John Tarbox
  5. I see TI has put together a list of all available booster packs at http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/BoosterPacks. (Credit for discovering this goes to 43OH http://www.43oh.com/2012/08/boosterpack-listing/) Unfortunately the column showing compatibility status for the C2000 is blank in many cases. Does anyone know if TI's CC110L RF BoosterPack can be used with the C2000 Launchpad XL?
  6. Well it is now there but there is no "kits" tab as described in the Users Guide :-( In any case I can now build and run the demo just fine. :-)
  7. Too bad, would love to meet you in Boston. Will you be at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Boston on September 17-20, 2012? I know TI had a big booth there last year. See: http://east.ubmdesign.com/ It is billed as "The East Coast's Most Comprehensive Event for Engineers and Designers."
  8. I know most of the Technology Days for this year have already happened, but there are still some left. See: http://www.ti.com/ww/en/techdays/2012/ Any chance of getting a session on the new C2000 Piccolo Launchpad added to any of these events? I will be attending the one in Boston on September 25, 2012 and would love to see it presented.
  9. I too am missing the jumpers from my LAUNCHXL-F28027 I simply "borrowed" three from a MSP430 launchpad I have (I have more than one). If you are going to add headers to the eStore could you also consider adding an appropriate HC-49 crystal and capacitors C3 & C4?
  10. In the Users Guide for the LAUNCHXL-F28027 C2000 Piccolo LaunchPadExperimenter Kit in section 3.3 Program and Debug the Temperature Measurement Demo Application it states: "The project and associated source code for the C2000 Piccolo LaunchPad demo is included in the controlSUITE software package and should automatically be found by the TI Resource Explorer in Code Composer Studio v5. In the resource explorer, open the controlSUITE folder and then the kits tab and look for the C2000 LaunchPad line item. Expand this item and select the LaunchPad Demo Application. Follow the steps in th
  11. JonnyBoats

    LCD project

    Any updates on this project? I would be interested.
  12. JonnyBoats


    Has anyone considered using this as a audio frequency waveform generator? It would seem like it would make a nice little instrument for the bench, one could use the cap touch-pad to dial in the frequency and select waveform (sign wave, square wave etc.)
  13. I too have received two sets (4 boards total) of this booster pack as well as some of the upgraded Ver 1.5 launchpads. The latest 1.5 launchpads make using this booster pack much easier since one needs to only pull two jumpers and re-install them in the horizontal vs vertical direction on the RXD and TXD pins rather than making up a special crossover jumper in the shape of an X for the older version. The supplied demo program works just fine, and I am able to get excellent range indoors between floors and through walls in my house. As they say, "your mileage may vary". What I have bee
  14. Congratulations! I just learned of EasyMSP via the blog post on Dangerous Prototypes and downloaded the package. One thing I believe would be helpful is if you did a YouTube video on how to setup the development environment. Thanks for your hard work.
  15. This is a great use of the 430! You should submit this as an article to QST.
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