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    adaniel got a reaction from bluehash in LaunchPad Temperature GUI   
    Problem solved. Even though the DevMgr shows a valid COM4 connection at 2400 baud, the wrong driver was being used. This driver was installed when RealTerm was used to observe the IC temp; CCS4 had not been installed at this time. This driver was removed. The LPad was disconnected and the PC restarted. When the LPad was installed the driver from CCS4 was auto found and installed. The GUI was started and when asked to select the COM port, "3" for COM4 and "Enter" were pressed. After a sec or so the varing temp was shown in the same window. It should be noted that there is no response in this window when the COM port is selected; just press these two keys and wait. Also, after closing the GUI, RealTerm, with this new driver, will display the temp as a continuous stream of numbers. The driver is not altered by using RealTerm. If there are any errors in this description, please tell me.
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