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  1. An update to my last message: On another computer I tried to confirm that WinXP would assign a driver to LPad without CCS4 being installed. It did not. DevMgr shows "MSP430 Application UART" listed under "Other Devices" with no reference to a COM port. Thus, I am not sure how the bad driver was installed. Now, with the TempGUI working properly, the TI driver is C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\usbser.sys, driverV1.3.0.0 and fileV5.1.2600.5512. My rather incomplete old notes show that this driver was installed earlier but listed as from MicroSoft rathe than TI. I do not trust my note that sayes this
  2. Problem solved. Even though the DevMgr shows a valid COM4 connection at 2400 baud, the wrong driver was being used. This driver was installed when RealTerm was used to observe the IC temp; CCS4 had not been installed at this time. This driver was removed. The LPad was disconnected and the PC restarted. When the LPad was installed the driver from CCS4 was auto found and installed. The GUI was started and when asked to select the COM port, "3" for COM4 and "Enter" were pressed. After a sec or so the varing temp was shown in the same window. It should be noted that there is no response in this wi
  3. I do think RealTerm is the problem. I have tried all "reset" combination that I can think of. In the simplist form, the PC is turned off, LPad removed, PC turned on, LPad connected, DevMgr >Ports checked, and TempGUI installed. I have tried to learn something about the LPad driver since, as you say, the LPad does not seem to communicate with the GUI. How should the COM window respond when the COMport is selected?
  4. The Select-COM window shows (0/1/2) = COM1/2/4. I seem to have no method to select COM4 - the mouse, arrows or other keys makes no showing in the window. The mouse moves an arrow but it is unable to make a selection. The keys 0/1/2 have no effect.
  5. The Baudrate = 2400 as set in DevMgr and also used in RealTerm. There have been no code changes. How should the selection of the COM port be made? This window appears dead.
  6. I have the LPad connected to a Compaq Evo PC using WinXP. The CCSv4 is installed and working. The LPad is connected via the USB to COM4 as verified by the DevMgr. With the Lpad blinking I press P1.3 and enter the Temperature Mode. Using RealTerm I can observe the temperature data coming from the LPad. When I install LaunchPad_Temp_GUI.exe I get the Window that asks me to select the connecting COM port. I have a choice of COM1/2/4. However, this window appears dead. I can find no method to select COM4. Suggestions? Thanks.
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