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  1. I recall already trying it but I'll try it tomorrow again..it didn't work the first time though. The MSP430 and the LEDs are working. Already built a traffic light (switching between red, yellow and green leds with programmed time interval) with both parts. Maybe my TLC5940 is broken but I already replaced it with another (got 3 of them as samples from TI). (
  2. Anyone from Germany want to send me a fully connected, programmed and working piece of board for a few euros? I want to know what I'm doing wrong. :/
  3. Ah, yes! The Reset Pin is connected to the Launchpad for programming.
  4. Reset Pin? you mean BLANK? as you can see in the schematics, its connected with the MSP430
  5. I test them after almost every hardware or software modification, they all still work.
  6. Yes, I tried this one and used the pins described there: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1700 and now its the voltage on 0.0v and it doesn't matter anymore how i place the led (out -> gnd or vcc -> out or whatever) it doesnt light up at all anymore.
  7. replaced the tlc 5940, still no change nobody knows how to fix this or know why this maybe isnt working?
  8. Well, every thread, schematic and wiring documentation tells me to connect them to any positive pole. Connecting them to GND just makes them light up all the time not dependent of the gray scale data. How do I check, that the chip isnt broken?
  9. Are the LEDs supposed to be connected to GND? Because in the docs it says they are connected to Vled.
  10. I'm using this on a breadboard, only the Spy-Bi-Wire pins attached to the launchpad for programming. The logic analyzer shows me the expected results which are documented in the TLC5940 guides.
  11. can somebody look into this: Controlling TLC5940 with MSP430G2553 doesn't work - 43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2845
  12. Hello, I recently bought a Launchpad with an included MSP430G2553 and I tried to control some LEDs with it via the TLC5940. I've connected it and programmed like in the official Texas Instruments Documents but somehow it doesn't work. The used resistor for IREF has a value of 1.92KOhm to restrict the out current to around 20mA. Here is my code: #include #include #include /* * P1.0 - GSCLK (ACLK) * P1.2 - SIN (UART) * P1.4 - SCLK (UART) * P1.5 - BLANK * * P2.3 - VPRG * P2.4 - DCPRG * P2.5 - XLAT */ /* Defines */ /* Port 1 */ #define GSCLK_POUT P1OUT #define GSCLK_PDIR P1DIR
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