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  1. Thanks, Michael! I tried the changes and HelloWorld and the others I tested work well. Because of the flakiness of software serial I didn't try the two examples (SerialDisplay and TextDirection) that use it. CustomCharacter failed to compile with a problem I didn't have time to track down. I used a Sparkfun 3.3V display for the tests, and also tried a Wintek OLED display from Adafruit. The OLED display works fine (it also works on 5V), but a reset causes it to display garbage. It requires a hard start -- a known problem that Adafruit is looking into. Randy
  2. Thanks, Michael and Robert. I guess it wasn't my screwup for once. Good tip about grounding those unused pins in any case. Randy
  3. I'm using a Rev1.5 LaunchPad with a G2553, and trying to get a standard 3.3V 16x2 LCD to work in 4-bit parallel mode. I'm using the classic example HelloWorld code. I grabbed it from Energia / hardware / msp430 / libraries / LiquidCrystal along with LiquidCrystal.h and LiquidCrystal.cpp, included them with #include, and everything compiles and loads fine. The LCD is wired with the Arduino-style pin numbers that HelloWorld expects. The problem is that it just doesn't work. There's no sign of activity on the LCD. I substituted a 5V LCD on the breadboard and hooked the breadboard to an Ardui
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