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  1. I've been messing around with an LCD that I have and I noticed that when I hooked it up I see lines that don't seem to work in the first couple of characters. I double checked all my connections and couldn't find a problem. I even hooked it up to an Arduino and still see the lines. I guess it's a prob with the LCD. Here's a link to a pic of the problem: http://min.us/lltLmq Is this something that is fixable?
  2. They shipped my Launchpad via Shenkers and it took maybe a week. The weird thing is that their site said it was being shipped to my address and apparently it went to someone else over in Dallas who finished the shipping to me. I put my order in for the Booster Pack, too. Not sure what to do with it, but it looks like fun!
  3. I've been lurking a while and decided to introduce myself. I'm a teacher in Texas who messes with electronics in my spare time. I'm still a novice but I've spent some time with Arduino and Nerdkits. I decided to jump into the MSP430 after picking up a Launchpad--at $4.30, I just HAD to buy it. Still working my way through the workbook right now but can't wait to get into building something useful!
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