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  1. And Some fun code... void main(void) { // Set oscillators // set_clocks(); // Init the USCI // init_uart(); LED1_ON; // Enable Global Interrupts // _EINT(); // Try to send someting // TXdata_uart("UART ALIVE\n"); // Enter LPM3 w/ interrupts enabled // //__bis_SR_register(LPM3_bits + GIE); while(1) { while(get_RXdata_status()){ RXdataHandler(get_RXdata()); set_RXdata_status(FALSE); } } } void RXdataHandler(char * receivedData) { TXdata_uart("checking...\n"); switch(*receivedData){ case 'S': TXdata_uart("S\n"); break; case 'L': LED1_T; break; default: TXdata_uart("E1\n"); break; } }
  2. doughboy

    Need some advice for wireless solution

    Looks Cool! What did you end up using for wireless?
  3. Hello All, I have written some full duplex code using the USCI hardware. It is all interrupt driven. I can receive and send no problem. However I am a bit confused on how to process received bytes. In my interrupt I store them in a buffer and set a flag, RXDataReady. Currently in main I sit in a loop polling this flag. This is not what I want to do. I was thinking i could go into LPM3, with GIE after initialization and from my RX ISR re-enable the clocks, so I can process the data to do this. So far I have been unsuccessful at this. Has anyone done anything similar? Or can anyone suggest a better way to use the RX interrupt from the USCI? thanks, Bryan
  4. doughboy

    List of MSP430 Webpages and Blogs

    Im just starting with my msp goodies. Feel free to add my blog if desired.... bryanedelman.com
  5. doughboy

    CC4, FET430UIF and SPY-BY-WIRE

    FYI- SOLUTION- Despite drivers being installed automatically, win7_64, and showing up correctly in device manager, I needed to update my VCP drivers from here: processors wiki ti com index php MSP430_JTAG_Interface_USB_Driver edit it wont let me link....for and some . between processor, wiki, ti Hope this helps someone in the future. -B
  6. doughboy

    CC4, FET430UIF and SPY-BY-WIRE

    The only option I have is "TI MSP430 USB1_0/MSP430 [MSP430]" with the drop down menu. Additionally no other debuggers are connected to my PC.
  7. Is it possible? Can program fine via launchpad. CC finds my USB-FET430 but fails to find target. I cannot find an option anywhere to set it to program with spybiwire instead of full jtag..... lmk thanks all