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  1. Hello everyone! This is my project a watch with function control RGB-LED tape for the bedroom. Video: Project: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3727-ds1394-rtc-led-driver-tm1638/ Code: http://sourceforge.net/projects/msp430clock/
  2. You are assured, what the address correct? Try to use my project: #include "i2c.h" #define SDA BIT7 //P1.7 #define SCL BIT6 //P1.6 #define LED BIT0 //P1.0 void i2c_init(void){ P1DIR |= SCL | SDA | LED; // Set SCL, SDA and LED as Output P1REN |= SCL | SDA; // Set Pull-Ups on SCL and SDA // enable SDA, SCL, SCLK, i2c mode, MSB, output enabled, hold in reset USICTL0 = USIPE7 | USIPE6 | USIMST | USIOE | USISWRST; // USICTL0 Upper 8bit Register of 16bit USICTL Register // USIPE7 = P1.7 USI Mode, i2c SDA enabled // USIPE6 = P1.6 USI Mode, i2c SCL enabled // USIPE5 = P1.5 USI
  3. I have a Canon EOS 400D Camera and i can test this with my camera
  4. Hi! I tried to compile the project, but the CCS 5.3 gives an error ...
  5. hello! Can I use this library for LCD HD66760? This display driver from the Sony Ericsson T68: Lcd chip: custom HD66760 (device address 0x72 )/ UC1682 I2c address:0x72 / 0x74 / 0x70 (3 chip version) Resolution: 101x80 RGB
  6. Project is updated! Now it have a simple menu: - Setting / alarm / time / date / brightness
  7. Hello! This is my project Real Time Clock. The project used RTC module ds1394, temperature sensor ds18b20 and driver 7-segment display tm1638. msp430g2553 MCU integrates devices with two hardware ports SPI (USART1, USART2). Clock Functions:- Showing the time, date, day of the week; - Set the alarm; - Shows the temperature of the sensor ds18b20; - Control the brightness of the indicator. Video: Russian description Source code Video: My project site Project includes: - DS1394 msp430 launchpad interface - ds18b20 maxim + msp430 launchpad - Library for TM1638 to
  8. Thank you, roadrunner84. The next version of the library already contains hexadecimal digits in the array "Num[]". In addition, the library code reworked and optimized.
  9. Hi! My location now - also St. Petersburg
  10. Thank you! Copy and translate to Russian: http://www.shelezyakin.ru/?p=816
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