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  1. I can work with 12 MHz if it can be made....
  2. Hello. I have a new problem,if somebody can help me.How can I change the frequency to a msp430g2231 from 1MHz to 4,8 or 16MHz? I want to use 19200 baudrate and I understand that this is the problem... Thanks. Code example: /****************************************************************************** * Half Duplex Software UART on the LaunchPad * * Description: This code provides a simple Bi-Directional Half Duplex * Software UART. The timing is dependant on SMCLK, which * is set to 1MHz. The transmit function is based off of * the example code
  3. when I change that values up and down and It changes what i receive..but not with what it should... Any idea what values I should put there?thanks
  4. Hello. I have a problem with msp430g2231. I make a project where I send some senzors values through a bluetooth module (BTM222). The problem is that the BTM works at 19200 baudrate (is default and I didn't succeed to change it to 9600) and all the code examples that I have uses 9600 as baud rate. What I shoud change to go with 19200 besides bit_time and bit_time_5? I put the code below.If i have bit_time 104 and bit_time_5 52 the programs work's fine,if I put bit_time 52 and bit_time_5 21 he send back to me rubbish.. Thank you. /********************************************************
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