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  1. Yes! That worked! No mis-match warnings, no device-not-found errors, no nothing! Thank you!
  2. yea - the temperature program flashed and runs perfectly on the 2231 now, but that isn't really my issue. My problem is, that if i double click that ccxml thingy on the left, and change the target to the chip i am actually using, CCS refuses to see the chip. If I leave it exactly like it is right in the example project (which has a 'wrong' chip selected) it detects a target mismatch, but at least sees the chip, and then flashes it. But it just seems wrong using the wrong configuration, even if it works. But any other target makes CCS go blind. On two seperate PCs. hmmm....come to
  3. Hi, again, and thanks for the suggestions! I was following the instructions at: http://www.msp430launchpad.com/2010/07/ ... arted.html which seem to be straight-forward enough. Yet, i got the error I described in my last post - but if I simply use the example project, without ANY modifications, and click on 'debug', after a while i get the error: ------------------- MSP430: Error connecting to the target: The target setup (F20x2_G2x2x_G2x3x) does not match the actual target type (F20x1_G2x0x_G2x1x) ------------------- ....which i then 'ignore', and CCS happily flashes my MSP430
  4. I have had the drivers installed (although i do think TI is wrong to include them in those gigantic downloads of IVR and CCS!), so that can't be the issue in this case. The temperature demo program was working ok before - serial communication and all. Although that program isnt there anymore since my (failed?) IVR WorkBench flash. This flash is what tells me that the LP itself should be working fine, since the IVR program did detect the MSP, and said things like 'erasing memory....'. It's just that I cant get CCS to do this, and all tutorial are CCS based. M.
  5. Hi! I can't get the flashing/downloading/running part to work. I always get the error message: ------------------------ Failed to load program MSP-EXP430G2-Launchpad.out' on any of the targets. Reason: The target 'TI MSP430 USB1/MSP430' could not be found. ------------------------ So I (randomly) fiddled around with the IAR WorbBench, and (although i did get some error warnings about hardware mismatches), it did seem to do something, and at the very least deleted the temperature-sensing demo program (although the blinking program isnt working, now). Thus, i'd guess
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