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  1. I didn't dare to just leave it out, but tried replacing it with a 10R, and the IR LED will glow visibly red. I first thought I even saw some red when the pin (1.6) was off, but I think I was mistaken, I might have shorted something. The range has increased enourmously. It is ok to leave the mcu on or will it still drain the battery faster with this resistor? BTW, I was afraid the resistor would blow, it being only 1/4 watt. Could that happen?
  2. My method for picking both transistor and resistor values consisted of "use whatever I found first in the spares bin*". This because I have almost no knowledge about the theory behind all this stuff (I am not an engineer, only had some passive circuit analysis course in uni once). The transistor happens to be a "C9018" -- I downloaded the datasheet and it says: I_C = -I_E = 20mA. Is this the figure I should be looking at? It seems low. There are, of course, a lot of other specs that I have no idea how to interpret, yet alone how to figure out what resistor values I should be using. Thanks
  3. So, I moved the circuit to its own board and made an enclosure. This is the schematic I ended up using: Sadly, the reach is only about 1.5 meters. I may have to experiment with the output stage.
  4. I am not from here but your post intrigued me, so I just signed up to see the pics. Not sure how active I will be, I am already subscribed to too many forums, but I promise to at least watch this thread. The board you suggest looks interesting, but I am relatively new to electronic stuff (this is actually my first practical project), and my solder-fu is weak (someday I'll have to work on that!). In the meanwhile, I think I'll just see what some simple circuit (1 transistor or so) can do for power/reach. I would be happy with 3 or 4 meters. My current code is at the HNrhvgDH pastebi
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