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  1. "Yes, in due time." Thanks roger, you fired me up again! :mrgreen:
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_of_Goo
  3. Yup, your supply voltage(s) are your "saturation" (Vsat), meaning they're the maximum. You will see this term mostly in comparator circuits tho. The output will never reach
  4. Yes, the closed beta was epic! The players were nicer and the community was way smaller, good times. Btw, I don't have a headset either, and I've learned a bit of XML trying to mod stuff Also, you're destined to suck at this game the first couple of months at least. After that is where the fun starts!
  5. Meh, WoW is a bit overrated, I got bored of it in less than 3 months. Yes, I know that all the PvP action and the rest good stuff and instances come after that, but I couldn't help it. Now (the last ~5+ years) I mainly play HoN and before that DotA. It's a very hard game with a many fans and players. The reason that I don't get bored is that in contrast with many MMORPGs that exist today, this doesn't require you to farm countless hours, ricing stuff and doing boring quests etc. (and because my pc is a bit old now ) Each game lasts for about ~30 to 45 minutes. It's fast, requires muc
  6. Hello and welcome! 1)Since I don't think this draws much current, you could try connecting in TP1(USB +5v) on your launchpad (look for it next to the mini usb connector). The one next to it is TP3, just another ground for you to use. 2)In the sample code there are some #defines. With #defines you can create macros, or just "change" the name of something -let's say a pin for now- to something that is easier to remember. Here they are in the source code: //============================================ // PIN define //============================================ #define BuzzerON (P
  7. I mainly use computer PSUs. They're protected against overload/overheat/short and you can find one very easily or even for free. Also, you get much power and many voltages! :mrgreen: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATX#Power_supply
  8. W00t.. so many comments.. I also saw your new video, shiny stuff! :mrgreen: Thanks for sharing Rob :3
  9. Isn't pin 3 in HD44780 controllers the contrast control? Try adding a 10k pot there, and if you don't have one, connect a <10k resistor or connect it to ground (pin 2: USB +5V and pin 3: gnd worked for me).
  10. #include unsigned int counter=0; int main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD;// Stop watchdog timer P1DIR |= BIT0+BIT6; // Set P1.0 to output direction P1OUT &= ~(BIT0+BIT6); // set P1.0 to 0 (LEDs OFF) while (1) // Infinite Loop { //pressing the button you add +1 to the counter every 10 msec. //If counter < 20 (200msecs = 0.2sec), normal press, green led lights on. //If counter > 200 (2000msecs = 2sec), extended press, red led lights on. if ((BIT3 & P1IN) == 0) // active low switch {counter++; __delay_cycles(10000);} //
  11. Yup, my 2nd launchpad arrived about a week ago and it was Rev1.4
  12. Thanks Rob, but I've already seen that project. I'll try it once i get some RGB leds. For now this one helped me understand many things about ADC, also the modifications I made worked on 1st try :mrgreen: Damned P1SEL2 :evil: (And sorry for spamming your thread watergius :oops: )
  13. Wow, epic timing! I was searching for a simple ADC example to change colors in a red-green led with a pot. I found Rob's thread, the one with the pots and the lcd, but AFAIR it wasn't commented so I got lost =) By the way, in PWM I very often see: (period) -1. Why? While tinkering with it I got better results without the -1. For example: CCR0 = 1024; instead of CCR0 = 1024-1;
  14. *double post* :oops: So, after the changed RobG suggested, it's *almost* working..because now my 2 ints get stuck on 1. I power the circuit, press S2 once, all ok. Then nothing, like the button isn't being pressed -.- Did I kill something in the interrupt routine? Also, since in charlieplexing you can't have 2 leds on at the same time you can just have them flicker very fast so it seems they're constantly on. How can I do 2 or more couples seem on in different timings? 1st couple for x cycles, after y cycles the 2nd couple etc. Gotta study timers?
  15. oh crap- I feel stupid. I didn't realize those weren't meant to be in high impedance mode -.- Fixed the header and everything works fine :3 thanks Rob :mrgreen: !
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