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  1. Perhaps... Guess I better get used to making more efficient code :?
  2. Well, I found my self stuck the past couple days. I added functionality for displaying decimal numbers, and, just like the previous code, I set it up so the decimal numbers could jump past it's 8x2 segment gap. However, while debugging it, any time the code functioned to display numbers I noticed that the global variable for telling me character position and when to jump to address 40 would remain at 1 even when told to increment. After deleting another variable today as I tried to convert the code to number showing only I found that everything suddenly worked, which means I had too much ram b
  3. When you make a new ccs project you need to make sure you select the correct chip you are using, such as the 2211 or 2231. Also, you must realize that the 2211 doesn't have a built in thermometer, so using the 2231 demo code on it won't work right.
  4. First you need to buy that 4 or 8 or 16mhz crystal, because the msp doesn't have one built in. Have you done this yet?
  5. Think you missed having a speaker? Or is this to be a perfect replacement for a dog? If not then you can add an sd card to the prop and have some pre-recorded barks, with them made in small parts so the dog can mix them up depending on mood.
  6. If you haven't already, then get all the basics out of the way. Try using a different cable, a different usb port, and, if all else fails, a different computer. If it's still not working then you have a problem with your launchpad BTW, if it helps you to know, the launchpad won't communicate to the computer if the msp340 is fried. If you think you may have allowed one of the connections on the bottom to be shorted by a wire or other metallic object, then replace it with the msp340g2211 that came with your kit.
  7. I think it needs a good way to sense it's environment. How about some ir sensors, with the data shared on the bus? And maybe some photoresistors tinted different colors pick up mostly one color each. This should be a cheap way of getting many sensors working together on your neural network.
  8. Well, I still would until I fit an alternator on it. But I suppose I need to get working on it again first, and not only is my battery for it very corroded but the ups you see attached in the picture is bad so I can't use it to charge. Alas, money... @zeke--a relay requires power or the spark plug is shorted, it will eventually have breaks that will automatically engage with multiple microcontrollers capable of engaging it with backup power, and I'm wanting to create a plow-like break that has a motor that must be powered on to hold it up. @wasson-- what kinds of tasks are you thinking
  9. Well, it sure is a bit bigger. I was planning to use 2 props and a few smaller microcontrollers such as the msp. My primary focus was on hardware however, while it seems the primary focus of your robot is on brains. Guess that makes us alike but opposites?
  10. Code update: Why not have a scrolling text demo? /*Scrolling Demo for 16x1 LCD written by Derrick Huestis (P!-Ro) v1.4 * * This code will drive a 16x1 * lcd with memory set up in two * 8 caracter blocks. * * It is my first C program, so * let me know if it has problems! * * pinout: * lcdpin1----ground LCD Ground * lcdpin2----5v Supply Voltage * lcdpin3----ground Contrast Adjustment * lcdpin4----P1.7 Data/Instruction select * lcdpin5----ground Read/Write * lcdpin6----P1.6 Enable * lcdpin7----ground Unused pins for 8 bit mode * lcdpin8----ground * lcdpin9----gr
  11. That's funny GeekDoc, I wish I learned this stuff before I was almost out As for searching for chips, I'll probably post a small list soon enough. I'm more focused on making my code easy-to-use and functional right now. Not only will I need it for what I plan to submit into this Month's contest, but I'm also hoping it will help anyone else hoping to use an MSP with a parallel LCD. I'm planning to make a version after this set to work well with the 16x2 lcd's as well (I don't have one, but I may be able to find one) and I would also like to look into making a routine that uses a bit regis
  12. This is a neat project, I'm excited to see where you get! If you would like to use a regular lcd instead of pulsing that pedometer then you can try out the code I've been working on here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=725 I'm also very tempted to write some code for the obex that would allow the Prop and MSP to communicate to each other. If you don't beat me to it then I suppose I'll let you know when I get it done. This project really does remind me of another robotics project I put on hold a while back though...two years into it and I found myself too broke and resourceless to continue o
  13. Use a multimeter to check the current draw of the relay. If it is under 200mA, which it probably is, you could just use a simple npn3904 transistor. You can buy one for over a dollar at radio shack, or you can stalk up dirt cheap from here: http://www.taydaelectronics.com/servlet ... 904/Detail When I order they usually take a little over a week to the U.S., so keep that in mind if you are in a hurry. You will need to look at the datasheet for it to know which pins are which (be careful, if set it up wrong you may accidentally drive the relay from the I/O which will destroy it) but if you
  14. The Parallax Propeller can drive both a monitor and vga. Perhaps some code could be written so the MSP could tell the prop what to write? This is done in a similar way with other micros such as the Arduino, so why not with an msp?
  15. Since I couldn't help myself I decided to stay up late improving the code (yeah, I know, it's a school night...) I figured out how to use the functions, I think I was just trying to declare them in the wrong spot. Here is the much-improved and less space-consuming code: /*LCD Demo written by Derrick Huestis (P!-Ro) v1.2 * * This code will drive a 16x1 * lcd with memory set up in two * 8 caracter blocks. * * It is my first C program, so * let me know if it has problems! * * pinout: * lcdpin1----ground LCD Ground * lcdpin2----5v Supply Voltage * lcdpin3----ground Contrast Adj
  16. Hey cde, as I was trying to write this code I was looking at yours for help. I couldn't figure out how you used the i2c to program the lcd, but I did get the idea to put the clock into low power mode at the end from your code. I attempted to use functions in the same way that you did as well, but it gave me errors. As for how I got the LCD's, Craigslist. I don't normally check for things there, but you sometimes just have to thank god for luck! The person I bought them off of had them because he worked for an electronics company and when they had surplus of something after a run they w
  17. Also, I just wanted to post a link to a thread that I found helpful: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=540#p3717 It requires another IC to work, but may be quite nice for some applications. I would buy a couple of the chips to try it out, but I'm broke, so I'm going to go ahead and see if I can learn off of his code to help me improve mine for a direct connection to the LCD.
  18. That's interesting. It is technically Pi-Ro, with the ! meant to act as an i.
  19. No I don't play TF2, I had to Google it I will probably post some info in the for sale forum with a link to this thread. I've been feeling particularly broke lately (woes of being a high school student) so I suppose "better luck" could make the difference in making "better projects" (shows you where all my money has been going...) As for the Parallax Propeller, that would be my favorite heavy-duty microcontroller. The MSP340 is now my favorite light duty microcontroller, or at least it is a lot easier to use than the Pickit1 which I just have lying around.
  20. I just started a thread for those who would like to interface the msp to an lcd directly. It does use 7 pins though, so for some projects needing more pins I would try out Rob's method to save on I/O.
  21. I just got my MSP430 last week so I thought I'd give it a try and make some code to interface it to an LCD. The LCD's I have are all 16x1 parallel LCD's, about a hundred in all that I haven't sold yet. Since they are so cheap (I sell them for $3 each) it makes no sense for me to buy a parallel to serial adapter for them. In my searches for code I ran across this forum, but unfortunately the code I found required an extra IC to interface to the LCD. Since I didn't want this, I decided to have a go at making the code myself. I am new to programming C, just as I am new to the MSP430, so I
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