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  1. the problem is the example code there @fmilburn ... move the #include <SPI.h> ahead of the include <Enrf24.h> ... #include <SPI.h> #include <Enrf24.h> #include <nRF24L01.h> Enrf24 radio(P2_0, P2_1, P2_2); // CE, CSN, IRQ pins ...
  2. can you take a picture of your board and how the wires are connected and post it here?
  3. $ pwd /home/kimballr/energia-1.6.10E18/hardware/energia/msp430/libraries/SPI $ ls examples keywords.txt library.properties SPI.cpp SPI.h utility /edit ... Sorry this is not the place to deal with SPI issues. You might resolve those before continuing to post in this thread about /editoff
  4. I have no idea what you mean about both versions. ... I just went to see what is offered I see a 1.6.10E18 version of Energia are you running that? /rant on ... man this new version of the forum is painful to use ... i just tried to quote .. and i have no idea how i eventually was able to edit after the quote ... I used to have problems but there was an html option which is how i usually created posts ... seems to be gone ... /rant off I was going to post
  5. SPI.h is part of energia if you got your spi from someplace else, it is probably wrong
  6. My point was that I gained 49 posts. 1001+49 = 1050
  7. I'm not sure if this matters. The content count seems to have jumped for me. The other day I hit 1001 posts, it caught my eyes as I hadn't realized how much time I've killed here : ) ... Now my content posts shows 1050, I suppose 1051 after I post this. -rick
  8. In the US April 1 is a good day to be ignored.
  9. did you remember to close the putty window?
  10. What is your application for your msp430g2231 that is so well suited to writing in msp430 assembler and using a 2k flash chip with 128 bytes of ram?
  11. Looking at the compiler/ loader output it looks like you are using VisualGDB? I would guess you have a bogus .ld script file. I've never seen a vtable section ... could you post the .ld script file you are using? You might want to just try out the normal toolchains used by most of the developers here if you want an easier ride. CCS 7 is free. Also, the online compiler/debugger at http://dev.ti.com is free. Which OS are using? Which TI arm chip? It seems like it might be an ancient Luminary one, you won't get much help with those on this forum. -rick
  12. Here is a version written with fabooh. https://github.com/RickKimball/fabooh /* * andyd273.cpp - simple fabooh msp430g2231 program to turn on a relay for 10 seconds * when the user button on the launchpad is pressed * * Created on: Feb 13th, 2017 * Author: kimballr * Pinout: * P1.3 is button on launchpad board * P1.6 is relay output (also lights led) */ #include <fabooh.h> #define SMALL_INIT4 /* don't initialize .bss and .data sections */ #include <main.h> #include <serial.h> namespace { const uint32_t BAUD_RATE=9600; typedef seria
  13. Why don't you just buy one of those $2 Chinese Arduino clones and then you can use stuff you are familiar with and don't have to do any learning. It doesn't seem like the msp430 is worth spending time with for your goals.
  14. First problem you have the wrong board selected: Second problem ... Energia is not going to work smoothly with the msp430g2231 chip even when you do select the right board. Energia is too bloated to work well on a chip with only 2k of flash and 128bytes of ram, and no real uart and a single timer. You are wasting your time trying to learn with this chip if your goal is to do Arduino stuff.
  15. How are you combining the data? Strings (that uses heap RAM and is subject to fragmentation)? A large static buffer (that will reduce total RAM)? You are using an msp430g2553 yes? It only has 512bytes of RAM. People don't often notice that an Arduino chip has 2k of RAM and assume anything that fits on an arduino will run on an msp430g2553. If I had only one shot at a wild guess, I'd say you are running out of ram in either the stack or heap. Blowing out RAM is very easy to do. Energia exacerbates memory and flash usage problems. -rick
  16. Maybe you could post the entire code? This snippet tells us nothing.
  17. i'd fix the , and make them ; however i'm editting on a tablet and it keeps running all the code lines together
  18. the example and use of menu_t seem to out of order... struct { int menu_id, // continuous but not functional, helps to keep track of the menu id's int next_menu, // entry when pressing next const char* label // displayed text void (*action) (void), // action when pressing select } menu_t;would match the example better
  19. @@Fmilburn, I'm not sure you went back and looked at the older posts here, might be worth a look. Opossum did some nice posts about IR. He has a fondness for those TV B Gone things ... http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2254-pronto-ir-code-transmission/ https://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?p=22714 -rick
  20. @@fritzk9 you might try downloading code composer studio 7 from TI , also free and works on linux. Another alternative is to use the online no install development environment from dev.ti.com. If all that fails, you can send the board to me, I'll give it a good home : ) -rick
  21. So I liked your idea JWoodrell, I made a little class to let me tweak on the fly without much effort: class tweak_clk { int plus_; public: tweak_clk(int plus) : plus_(plus) { DCOCTL += plus_; } ~tweak_clk(void) { DCOCTL -= plus_; } }; ... to use it .. void foo(void) { ... code running at normal speed { tweak_clk turbo_20(0x20); // constructor called here ... run some more code at faster speed } .. // destructor called when we left that code block .. all code here is normal speed again
  22. do you mean ucs1903? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.bestlightingbuy.com/pdf/UCS1903%2520datasheet.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwjdwbLRhv_QAhWB4CYKHW1cAgYQFggaMAA&usg=AFQjCNHoYBl1ZT-VnoPdVKydzOUcP4lB8w If so, the timing on that is completely different 0.5us short pulse, 2.0us long pulse, 2.5us total cycle -rick
  23. @@NurseBob, didn't you feel outraged when they started giving away CCS with the purchase of some launchpad boards back in September? You should have asked for a refund back then. What about the people who bought a launchpad to get the free CCS? Don't they feel taken? What about the people who got the double whammy? They bought a black msp432 so they could get a free CCS. Now they have a board with chips that has been deprecated, and the latest of version of CCS won't even work with that board. (Sorry I posted about $9.99 deal. I didn't know they were going to give it away 3 months later
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