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  1. are you running 64 bit java or 32 bit? can you try renaming C:\energia-0101E0008 to c:\energia
  2. I don't have win7 64 bit. I do have Windows XP Profession sp3 32 bit. Compiling works fine on my XP setup. Maybe someone else with win7 can try this and show their results. Windows XP with energia 8 works fine with this code: http://dpaste.com/823777/ The output of my compile is here: http://dpaste.com/824438/ You might have an issue with your install. You might try downloading again. When you unpack, you might try using a short path name like C:\energia. It seems like you have an older or patched version of energia. Is there any chance you ran out of disk space. Did your extract get
  3. I just tried this on linux and it doesn't complain. Which version of Energia? In the Preferences menu, can you turn on verbose compile output and provide it here?
  4. Here is a follow up to the original post that is focused on trying to use the framework and stay in LPM4 as much as possible -rick File: LPM_Button.ino /** * LPM_Button - simple button handler with sleep features * * Demonstrates how to sleep in LPM4 and have port interrupt wake up on button push, * switch to LPM3 run for a bit and then go back to LPM4 from interrupts. */ typedef unsigned int (*uintFuncPtr)(void); /* forward declarations */ void attachInterrupt2(uint8_t, uintFuncPtr, int); unsigned int handleButton(void); /* * -- G L O B A L V A R I A B L E S -- */ u
  5. Rickta59 needs paypal info (your message box is full) and I'd like to switch from 50 pcs to 1m of 60/m strips instead if possible. -rick
  6. "Has helped contribute to the Stellaris open ecosystem". ... hmm for the other board. I think Peter deserves the 43oh version of that!
  7. There is now an IRC channel dedicated to Energia on the freenode chat server. #energia on freenode.net. -rick
  8. That is some nice soldering! Can you tell us more about your technique? Did you super glue the wires down? Did you solder it dead bug and then flip it over? -rick
  9. Seems zippy! Are we going to be able to get the gist feature working? Any chance of more options for themes? I still prefer smaller avatar icons on the postings and having them on the right side instead of left. -rick
  10. unsigned char count = 0; unsigned char times = 0; void handleButtonPress(void); void setup() { pinMode(RED_LED,OUTPUT); pinMode(GREEN_LED,OUTPUT); pinMode(PUSH2, INPUT_PULLUP); digitalWrite(RED_LED, HIGH); digitalWrite(GREEN_LED, LOW); attachInterrupt(PUSH2, handleButtonPress, RISING); } void loop() { LPM3; } void handleButtonPress(void) { ++times; P1OUT |= digital_pin_to_bit_mask[RED_LED]; P1OUT &= ~digital_pin_to_bit_mask[GREEN_LED]; TACCR0=0x1FFF; TACCTL0 = CCIE; TACTL = MC_1 | ID_0 | TASSEL_1 | TACLR; } __attribute__((interrupt(TIMER0_A0_VECTOR))) static void T
  11. Sorry, yeah I had already patched my openocd so it would work with the stm32 chips. I'm also using a version of yagarto. -rick
  12. Thanks ntfreak! The lastest patch you made fixed my watchpoint problem. -rick
  13. Thanks, we all really appreciate your efforts! I used this as my cfg file: # # TI Stellaris Launchpad ek-lm4f120xl Evaluation Kits # # http://www.ti.com/tool/ek-lm4f120xl # # # NOTE: using the bundled ICDI interface is optional! # This interface is not ftdi based as previous board were # source [find interface/ti-icdi.cfg] set WORKAREASIZE 0x4000 set CHIPNAME lm4f120h5qr source [find target/stellaris_icdi.cfg] Flashing code, setting breakpoints, triggering breakpoints, 'step', 'finish', and 'next' all seemed to work great. I wasn't able to get watchpoints working. Should watc
  14. http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=3344 If I look at those post and I'm not logged it, the pictures don't show up and are replaced with some text that tell me I don't have permissions. Are only some of the forums fully open? -rick
  15. I bet a lot of people became members because of hack-a-day posts. Because you can't see some of the content without being a member they had to sign up. First, having to sign up to view content and then being kicked because you don't post. It is kind of annoying either way. The more people who view these boards the more potential advertising revenue. It isn't like the old days when people actually paid for bandwidth. You might want to open up the content to all if you don't want to keep all those members with low post counts. -rick
  16. A technique I use is to create a base project that has all the common files and configuration settings.. Once you are happy with all the configuration settings with include path and libraries save it and call it "basetemplate". When you want to start a new project, just right click on the "basetemplate" project in eclipse select "Copy". Next, right click and select "Paste", then just type in a new name for your next project. You can even take the blinky project and use the same technique. Just copy it and paste it as the "basetemplate" project. -rick
  17. There are two options. 1.) replace the /installdir/hardware/tools/msp430 directory under Energia with your newly built tools. Where /installdir is the directory where Energia was extracted. 2.) rename or delete the /installdir/hardware/tools/msp430 and add the bin path of your newly built tools to your PATH before starting energia. -rick
  18. http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slaa513/slaa513.pdf
  19. I thought the [ gist=3902327 ] feature would show the gist files. It seems to be broken
  20. Did you cross tx/rx using something like this? viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1703&p=12094&hilit=female+jumper#p11633 -rick
  21. At this point there isn't a programmer. We are waiting on the openocd project to use the info TI provided them and create an interface to the TI ICDI device. The only option that works on linux now is to follow the steps outlined in the post mentioned above.
  22. Is it this one? http://www.insomnialighting.com/product ... s2811.html -rick
  23. Member Name --------------------|Quantity--|US/INTL RobG | 100+ | US GeekDoc | 100 | US Rickta59 | 50 | US
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