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  1. See this post http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2525-xinxout-as-digital-outputs/#entry21208
  2. If you look at the data sheet for the msp430g2553, you will see that P1.1 is UCA0RXD and P1.2 is UCA0TXD. Setting the pins to use their alternate function is what configures those pins to use USCI UART. (The PSEL and PSEL2 settings ) Both are right. The timer serial demo code sets up the pins for use with the Timer and the way they wrote the code makes them the reverse of the hardware uart version. They could have written the code so that the TA0.0 was the RX and the TA0.1 was TX but they didn't. With the hardware version you can't change the pins functionality. The RX pin is UCA0RX
  3. I assumed you were using a g2553 because you showed code that would only work with the msp430g2553. http://forum.43oh.co...ons/#entry25025 If you are writing code for the msp430g2452 you need to use a different include, "#include <msp430g2452.h>". If you want to write code that will work with multiple chips you should use "#include <msp430.h>" and the compiler will pick the proper header. Yes this code only works with the g2553 which has a UART, the g2452 does not. -rick
  4. https://gist.github.com/4157734'>https://gist.github.com/4157734 This code will configure the USCI UART for 2400 baud and print out "HELLO WORLD" -rick
  5. The software approach is much more complicated then just setting some registers associated with the UART. Do you actually have to read data from the LCD or do you just need to send data to it?
  6. It makes no sense to use the software timer version of the serial when you can use the USCI UART and not have sacrifice a Timer. Is there some reason you aren't using the hardware UART?
  7. I was making a comment about the look and feel of the forum not the code indent problem
  8. it still mangles the indentation
  9. I really don't like this forum over phpbb. My two complaints are the theme and how it deals with code examples. The theme I've commented about on the stellaris forum. I wish the avatar pictures were smaller and to the right side. I liked the compact feel of the phpbb theme. With this theme it feels like there is a lot of wasted space and I'm distracted by the avatar pictures when reading posts. As far as code, I agree with the other comments about the problems with attaching code. The two things that bother me the most is that it mangles text near '<' symbols you often find around
  10. I haven't tried it but it seems like there is a library available for this chip: https://github.com/dreamcat4/Mcp4261 .. it is Arduino code but a quick scan ( not tested ) seems like it might just work. If not, at least you can see how someone else has interfaced with your chip. -rick
  11. if you create a folder and place both files in there it should show up. To create new files you create a new "tab" so you can have more than one file in a sketch.
  12. You might take a look at this post where I showed how to do some of that. http://forum.43oh.co...mer/#entry23367 -rick
  13. Energia is happily using msp430-g++. Energia is an msp430 port of the Arduino IDE and core objects. You can download it here: http://energia.nu/download/ The code is open source and freely available. I think we have adopted a reasonable approach to using C++ on an embedded platform. We avoid dynamic allocation. We avoid RTTI (Run Time Type Information) and exception handling. Of course we don't use STL as it isn't even an option with msp430-g++. Most of the classes and data structures use composition over multiple inheritance. We have objects that abstract the Serial module with Timer and
  14. I ported over oPossum's ws2811 asm routines to msp430-gcc and wrapped it in simple Energia library. This class provides Energia users with a simple class with methods that allow you to configure the datapin, and set the leds colors in a ws2811 led strip. To install, stop running Energia and create a directory in your sketch folder called 'libraries'. Unzip the attached zip file into libraries directory. You should end up with a directory called libraries/WS2811Driver. Restart Energia and you should have some new items in your "File/Sketchbook/libraries/WS2811Driver/Examples" menu item
  15. Here is a port of the asm routines so you can use this code with msp430-gcc. ws2811_hs.zip -rick
  16. I put together a skeleton you might start with: https://gist.github.com/1303030 -rick
  17. Just a word of warning for those with the strip, note the direction of the arrow on the strip. Make sure you connect to DIN not the DO. * goes and orders a more powerful magnifying glass * -rick
  18. Thanks for organizing this Rob! Just grabbed my 1m strip from my PO Box. So can i drive the DataIn pin with 3.5volts and power with 5volts with a common ground between them? -rick
  19. Yes, It does appear wrong in the pictures. It should be drawn next to P1_3.
  20. You should only have one setup() and one loop() function. Any other code you add should be called something else.
  21. Yes it will not work without adapting it to Energia. Which chip do you plan on using? The default configuration only supports the msp430g2231, mps430g2452 and msp430g2553 chips. The only chip we run at 1MHz is the msp430g2231. However, It doesn't have the P2 pins your code is using as it is a 14 pin chip. If you want to use Energia, you will have better luck if you adapt to the Energia/Arduino coding style. Take a look at the blink example. You need to write at least the setup() and loop() function for Energia. All the headers will be included for you, no need to include chip specif
  22. Are you trying to use this with Energia? Your code looks like it is written for the IAR compiler without any framework.
  23. I just got two people on the IRC channel webchat.freenode.net #43oh ( thanks jim940 and r0b- ) to download energia 8, unzip it into c:\energia and compile the link i posted above. It worked without any errors for both of them. One had Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and the other had 64 bit Windows 7 Professional. I can't say what else to try other than to remove all traces of anything you had installed, download a new zip file, unzip it into c:\, rename the c:\energia-0101e0008 to c:\energia and try again. -rick
  24. C:\energia-0101E0008\hardware\msp430\cores\msp430/stdlib.h ... where did that file come from? There shouldn't be a stdlib.h in that directory. It should be in: C:\energia-0101E0008\hardware\tools\msp430\msp430\include\stdlib.h -rick
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