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  1. mobile-themed website accessed from a android phone using webbrowser via wifi.
  2. Agreed. Speaking of link problems. On the mobile client, if I'm looking at unread posts, and the title of the post has any url related characters, '+' is an example, the mobile client refuses to load it.
  3. I usually copy the link and then just strip off the #p21392 part
  4. How does this enhance the Energia environment? You are creating something only slightly different from what we have and it is not even a fork of the original Energia github so people could see if you are keeping up with the original version. It doesn't seem like you are in a position to answer questions regarding all the variety of msp430 launchpads, their toolchains or the C++ framework. Your biggest enhancement seems to be using some native widgets and adding some enhanced WIN32 only functionality without providing the source code to those things. Why not make your changes in java so al
  5. I'd still be interested in the answer to this. Now, it is hard enough to figure out which version people are running when they ask for support without adding yet another variable I have to worry about.
  6. diff -br ./hardware/msp430/cores/msp430/usci_isr_handler.c /home/user/Energia/hardware/msp430/cores/msp430/usci_isr_handler.c 42c42 < if ((UC0IFG & (UCB0TXIFG | UCB0RXIFG)) != 0) --- > if ((UCB0CTL0 & UCMODE_3) == UCMODE_3 && (UC0IFG & (UCB0TXIFG | UCB0RXIFG)) != 0)
  7. Fixes in the the msp430 c++ framework. Fixes in the way the compiler arguments are ordered for the stellaris compile. Do you even have an msp430 to test? How can you release a "Mod Energia Enhanced" without even testing the framework it uses?
  8. So I just checked out your source and I can see it is already out of date with framework fixes that are in the Energia github source tree. How do you plan to keep your framework files in sync with Energia?
  9. I'm confused by the link to the source. You point at a copy of the Energia source, but I don't see any code that makes up the .Net user interface code. I'm not a windows user so I can't try it out. Did you implement a .Net/C# based version of the Energia java UI and then just use the existing Energia msp430 framework code and its msp430 binary tools? Or is this just an alternate version of Energia with a .net installer?
  10. I posted some info I found on using the stellaris launchpad with CCS here: http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/256-ccs-v52-linux-and-stellaris-launchpad-interesting-find/ Have you tried logging as root and trying different tools? If you log in as root and it doesn't work then it isn't a udev problem. -rick
  11. This is great. Thanks. Can you make the source available?
  12. Let's see if this helps, I went into chrome settings and created a exception for forum.43oh.com which disables javscript only for that site. It kills two birds with one stone. No more google analytics and no more javascript rewriting the code tags and slowing down page viewing
  13. What? What? Are you trying to compile for an msp430g2553? If so, the compiler will provide the headers, no need to go searching on the internet. You seem to be trying to compile code for an msp430g2553 with an ARM compiler.
  14. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/313583-code-box-text-settings-prettyprint-i-think/
  15. and yes now it seems to do what i want, which it didn't when i first posted. hmm ... i guess i should stop whining now.. well except for the problem with all the old posts that are still useless -rick
  16. I had tried the code tag before and it would display the letters '[', 'c', 'o', 'd', ']' in the output and put line numbers on the stuff inside the bracket. Since the first post in this thread and all the responses the ip.boards software got updated so that may be part of the working results ... assuming this works .. $ avrdude -p /dev/ttyACM0 foo.hex ... go into full editor and see if i can edit a post without it getting mangled
  17. * longs for the days of usenet and shell archives : )
  18. ok .. well it must go in and re-write that section of the web page .. with pretty print js .. so must be javascript formatting it. .. splains a lot ...
  19. and now it is back to being colored ... wth?
  20. ok .. so this is what i hate about this thing .. the post above for a few times when i looked at it was syntax color coded .. now it is just black and white .. what happened to the sytnax hightlighting?
  21. so it looks like if i use the code tag and use javascript as the language it doesn't break my c code .. so .. how to restore all the old posts so the code isn't mangled?
  22. when i click on the '<>' icon .. to include text .. why isn't there an option for 'C' or 'C++' or ? /* hmmm .. maybe using javascript as the type would get what i want ..*/ #include "test.h" // let's try some stuff that breaks .. // void foo'(' 'c' ')'; void foo(c) { c++; } // how about for'(' ';' ';' ')' { i++; } for(; { i++; } void function(int a) { }
  23. Each release it seems to change but not for the better .. <pre> this is an html tag with 'pre' tags around my text </pre>
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