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  1. _BIC_SR() ... you might try _BIC_SR_IRQ(...)
  2. Actually you can look at the CCS 5 beta, it has linker maps and header files that reveal all. [Edit: oops, that is what peter says in his other post]
  3. They need to go in your_energia_directory/hardware/msp430/libraries/SPI/utility/usci_spi.cpp The way to tell is to disassemble your code and make sure it is generating the right code. $ msp430-objdump -dS /tmp/buildyours/sketch.cpp.elf | less
  4. did you try the code above? That should speed up your loop significantly
  5. You should make sure you have this patch to the SPI code. https://github.com/energia/Energia/commit/05adb0822486fc68b0e6b5f74bd7a585c1d867c9
  6. //2.1 = enable = 9 //2.0 = CS = 8 // include the SPI library: #include <SPI.h> const char slaveSelectPin = 8; void setup() { digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin,LOW); pinMode(slaveSelectPin,OUTPUT); SPI.begin(); SPI.setClockDivider(SPI_CLOCK_DIV1); } void loop() { register unsigned max_bit=0x100, row_mask, col_mask; while ( 1 ) { row_mask=0x01; do { col_mask=0x01; do { //digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin,HIGH); P2OUT |= BIT0; // send in the address and value via SPI: SPI.transfer(ro
  7. I grabbed the linux.tgz, worked fine 1,745kb/s.
  8. you might change your param values to be const
  9. If setup properly, the insertion operator shouldn't cost any more than the print
  10. Hey! I didn't plan on making this a career.. all you need to do is search for stm32l-discovery on http://octopart.com or http://octopart.com/partsearch#search/requestData&q=stm32l-discovery These prices and boards are just a snapshot of a very dynamic world I have no desire to track. I was just trying to help myself decide which chips are readily available today at a low quantity one prices and which boards I could use to program those chips. ... wait I had already updated it .. try reloading I made some changes a while ago. -rick
  11. Chip availability. I can't get these chips in small quantity from a variety of vendors. This is one of my personal priorities. That was on the USB Mass Storage Drag and Drop firmware upload. Some chips have that built-in to their ROM. With the Stellaris board, fortunately thanks to the open source community, a user created some software that provides that feature. The '*' indicates you will have to load that firmware to get that capability.
  12. So I went off and did some comparison shopping and created a spreadsheet filled with development boards and chips that are easily available and can be bought in small quantities. While I like the msp430 for small projects requiring less than 16k/512b. What TI offers when you want more than that puts you into surface mount chips and higher prices. My spreadsheet looks at alternatives that could fit the bill when you want a little more flash ~32K, > 25 MHz cpu speed and ~2K of ram. My personal priorities are probably different than yours. On the spreadsheet I ordered the columns left to right
  13. I'm going to use this price increase as an excuse to find something better. I've long put up with all the warts on the msp430 because of the price. At $4.30 I felt like it needed a hand from the community to let it shine. At $9.99 you are just taking advantage of the work the rest of us have done for free. Things I used to like about the msp430: $4.30 with hardware debugger Things that have bugged me from day one, that I put up with because the price was $4.30 o Lack of Linux or Mac support o CCS v4 based on some ancient version of Eclipse and full of plugins that made it
  14. That was actually a draw for me. The fact that it was a TI product.
  15. You can kill an ecosystem a lot quicker than you can build one...
  16. needs to be in a .cpp file is it? To be honest, I've left this approach behind and gone with a new approach. Still very much in an alpha state though: https://github.com/RickKimball/msp430_code/tree/master/fabooh I've also stopped trying to make it work with CCS. You will have to do that yourself. -rick
  17. Rickta59

    PWM issue

    Does your circuit look like this? * change Arduino to msp430 https://www.circuitlab.com/circuit/gmmqaq/2n2222-led/
  18. Rickta59

    PWM issue

    Did the green led work when you tried the code that I posted above?
  19. Rickta59

    PWM issue

    can you take a picture of your circuit?
  20. Rickta59

    PWM issue

    Try this code with the msp430g2553 int pwmvale = 0; #ifdef __MSP430G2553__ const uint8_t analog_capable_pin = P1_6; /* pick one: P1_2, P1_6, P2_1, P2_2, P2_4, P2_5, P2_6 */ #endif void setup() { // analogWrite configures pin using Timer } void loop() { if (pwmvale == 0) { do { analogWrite(analog_capable_pin, pwmvale); pwmvale++; delay(10); } while (pwmvale < 255); } else { do { analogWrite(analog_capable_pin, pwmvale); pwmvale--; delay(10); } while (pwmvale > 0); } }
  21. The not-yet-released beta version of Arduino version 1.5 has better support for non-avr chips and a more flexible scheme for invoking arbitrary toolchains. Look at the how it deals with the ARM chip in programmer.txt ... # SAM3 compile variables # --------------------- name=Arduino ARM (32-bits) Boards compiler.path={runtime.ide.path}/hardware/tools/g++_arm_none_eabi/bin/ compiler.c.cmd=arm-none-eabi-gcc compiler.c.flags=-c -g -Os -w -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -nostdlib --param max-inline-insns-single=500 -Dprintf=iprintf compiler.c.elf.cmd=arm-none-eabi-g++ compiler.c.elf.flags=-O
  22. So do we know what the final price is going to be? Can someone from Texas Instruments please comment on this officially?
  23. jeez that is the part that causes the most problems. Order a usb dongle from ebay for less than $4.30 and you will be much happier.
  24. All the marketing literature screams $4.30. If they change the price they are going to really confuse people. https://estore.ti.com/MSP-EXP430G2-MSP430-LaunchPad-Value-Line-Development-kit-P2031.aspx The video on that page at 22 seconds says the price is $4.30, the youtube video title says "$4.30 MSP430 LaunchPad Kit for Value Line Devices". Seems like they would just confuse people if they changed the price. People would start wondering if there was an msp500 microcontroller if they changed the price to $5.00 : ) -rick
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