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  1. I'm not sure why you are posting on a thread about the msp430g2553. You should start another thread and title it "Serial Problem with CC3200"
  2. I have no clue. I don't see any msp430g2553 in there.
  3. Looks great. I did one https://oshpark.com/profiles/Rickta59 that didn't have any of the required passives. Mine was lame compared to yours. Also it is the only PCB I've ever designed. I decided I'd leave it to others to do properly. Is your PCB design something you would be willing to share?
  4. With the G2 launchpad, the best thing to do is remove the TX/RX jumper pins and use an external dongle. USB dongles used to be expensive however you can get them now for less than $2. Pick one that uses 3v3 signals or you will fry your launchpad chip. Something like this will solve all your problems ($1.69 free shipping * at least in the US): https://www.ebay.com/itm/272758761169 Just connect GND/TX/RX to your launchpad leave the 5v power unconnected (maybe even tape it back to the wire so you don't forget) As an added bonus, you will no longer be limited to 9600 baud. I've
  5. Some general first impressions about CoRTOS: I can spell yield() but I have to ask merriam-webster how to spell relinquish() <msp430.h> would allow people to use whichever MCU they select in CCS without having to edit the source files #include <stdint.h> is a better way to grab uint8_t and friends #include <stdbool.h> is a better way to grab true, false and bool GPL isn't the best license for RTOS code. Even the TI-RTOS (SYS/BIOS) is BSD. FreeRTOS is MIT. nuttx is BSD. RIOT is LPGL. mbed-rtos is MIT. it would be nice if the code would compi
  6. Still an issue with upper / lower case naming conflicts: diff -r ./fixed/CoRTOSmessage.c ../../Downloads/cortos_d1/CoRTOSmessage.c 18c18 < #include "CoRTOSuP.h" --- > #include "CoRTOSup.h" the file is named 'CoRTOSuP.h' the code uses 'CoRTOSup.h'
  7. You seem to misunderstand Energia. It is based on the Arduino IDE source code (java based), with customized c++ cores that work with a variety of different TI processors. The msp430, arm cortex, and C2xxxx are all represented. There is no interpreted mcu code, it is C/C++ source that implements the Arduino API. It gets compiled using a cross compiler appropriate for the architecture selected (msp430-gcc, arm-none-eabi-gcc etc) and runs on Windows, Mac, and linux. The TI RTOS (previously called SYSBIOS) has been available for a long time and is fully documented. http://www.ti.com/tool/TI-R
  8. Interesting chunk of code, however it doesn't seem like you've invested much effort in your msp430 port or cross platform compatibility. The code only seems to attempt only one msp430 mcu (msp430fr6989). As there is no project file for CCS or a makefile, I created an empty CCS project using the TI C compiler for an msp430fr6989. I imported the CoRTOSblinkyMSP.c source and all the headers. It has a bunch of obvious errors. Have you tried to compile that file? It doesn't compile, at least with CCS 7 on ubuntu. Hint 1: you can't use msp430-elf-gcc Hint 2: Edit CoRTOSuP.h and make t
  9. What does this offer over the RTOS in energia?
  10. Did you try pulling the jumpers for the UART on your launchpad? On linux, the msp430g2553 is notorious for causing hangs because of the Virtual COM port of the MSP-EXP430G2. I can get around the problem by removing the UART jumpers and using an external 3V3 USB serial dongle.
  11. If the usb is really a keyboard interface you could get one of those usb to ps/2 dongles.
  12. This is a 5 year old thread. PCB prices have dropped significantly in that time and you can get free DHL from some of the China companies. @NicloePatt are you a bot placed here to promote your PCB board company? I haven't seen you ask or respond to any question here in all your posts.
  13. Energia does some static analysis of the flash and ram size. The Energia/Arduino feature only warns you when you use > 70% of resources. If you actually use too much flash or static ram the linker will spew an error. However, this won't give you any indication at runtime that you have run out of ram.
  14. Using the msp430g2553 is just an exercise in frustration if you want to do arduino stuff. It has a lot less memory than an atmega328p (2k) vs msp430g2553 (512b). It also has less flash (32k) vs (16k). You would be better off getting one of the newer FRAM launchpads that aren't resource and peripheral deficient. In addition, the Energia support for the launchpad g2 has been put on autopilot and never gets any fixes.
  15. Also it really depends on which msp430 chip you want to use .. Have you looked in dev.ti.com for asm examples .. plenty there
  16. https://gist.github.com/RickKimball/ead0b3b0f28f0dbf426c51f46ced59ab Not exactly energia compatible but the blink code in asm is there. It is written to work with msp430-elf-gcc (the compiler used by energia) If you dig back in the history you can find a previous version that worked with msp430-gcc
  17. Sorry to confuse. When I see a new msp430 chip I grep the header file for '_HAS_' which tells me what features are in the chip. I guess it would make more sense to read the datasheet
  18. Rickta59


    They look like relabeled/renamed tm4c129x chips to me
  19. Might be related to the fact that you have USB 3.0. Do you have a USB 2.0 hub?
  20. They should have saved that for 4/30 16k of fram, 512bytes of info fram, 4k of real ram and a 32x32 hw multiplier. Not too shabby for $4.30. That is certainly a lot more flexible than the original G2 launchpad and it has the new FET so you can use it on linux. If nothing else you can use it as a programmer for your off chip msp430g2553. #define __MSP430_HAS_MSP430XV2_CPU__ /* Definition to show that it has MSP430XV2 CPU */ #define __MSP430_HAS_ADC__ /* Definition to show that Module is available */ #define __MSP430_HAS_ADC_CHANNELS_8__ #
  21. I went to modify the code at the gist above, however github wouldn't allow me to update. The error message was complaining because I had directories in my gist. It seems directories are no longer allowed on gist.github.com. I fixed the code for the latest msp430-elf-gcc and created a new repo: https://gist.github.com/RickKimball/ead0b3b0f28f0dbf426c51f46ced59 BTW: iomacros.h is fixed now so I removed the custom version I had created.
  22. I had put neo430 down for almost a year and I'm coming back to it with renewed vigor. I came across this wiki that provides some useful information about getting started with the $15 altera ep2c5 board you find on ebay/aliexpress. http://land-boards.com/blwiki/index.php?title=Cyclone_II_EP2C5_Mini_Dev_Board The most useful info information there might be the tip about setting the default pin state to input with a weak pull up so you don't heat overload the 3.3 regulator. I had noticed the regulator getting hot and didn't realize it was because of some zero ohm resistors on the boar
  23. I thought CCS 7 was 64 bit only on linux, no? http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Download_CCS You have to go back to CCS 6.1.3 to get a 32 version.
  24. If you have 64bit virtualbox installed maybe you could use a linux guest install and just run the linux version of CCS.
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