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  2. I'm not an OSX person so I'm not familiar with what people use for the msp430. However, this seems to be available for download to program your device: http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/MSP430Flasher/latest/index_FDS.html
  3. I did look at the CCS 9 zip download for OSX. It does contain a msp430-elf-gcc. You need to look harder for it. Install CCS and the msp430-elf-gcc and you will have all the command line tools you need.
  4. Sometimes the MSP430-GCC-OPENSOURCE is not exactly the same revision. The msp430f5529 is old in terms of the compiler. It is probably fine for what you are doing. The mspdebug is the opensource programmer I use for msp430 chips. https://github.com/dlbeer/mspdebug For the msp430f5529 launchpad you can use: $ mspdebug tilib 'prog foo.out' CCS also provides a gdb proxy program. I've used it but I find mspdebug more convenient. I can run mspdebug on a raspberry pi, that is never going to happen with CCS. If you have installed dslite that will allow you to upload. Look at how ener
  5. I used the msp430-elf-gcc that is installed in CCS. That makes it more convenient to get updates to both the compiler and the libmsp430.so that you can use with mspdebug tilib. It will save you from having to ping pong back and forth updating the firmware on your msp430f5529 launchpad if you switch between CCS and your VS code setup. I tried to use the gdb client built into VS code. On linux however there is a bug that prevents me from interrupting the execution to pause, so it was useless to me. I setup a makefile target called debug that launches mspdebug in one xterm and msp430-elf-g
  6. @robertroth your spam is sneaky. @admin you seem to be targeted by spam bots
  7. @HadleyBlues are you a bot?
  8. sneaky spammer bots Eric Emily
  9. This is the change in Oct of 2015 that broke it: https://github.com/energia/Energia/commit/3a79177338cab6e9724144038947db820a70e4b1#diff-ef6c05942e53197e6f1507545468bf55
  10. I see that I mentioned it on this site: April 2016 I even created an issue for was closed but never addressed: https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/874
  11. It didn't, it has been broken for years and years. It stopped working when 1.6 was released.
  12. So I spent some time with the latest energia 1.8.7E21. It is still using msp430-gcc. That project I linked in the previous post won't work because that code is using the newer msp430-elf-gcc. I did put together an example of using msp430-gcc style code and the blink project above that compiles and create asm only project .. well almost main has to jump to our asm code so there are a couple of instructions to get there. Three files are needed: blink_with_msp430-gcc_asm.ino /* blink_with_msp430-gcc_asm.ino */ /* * we aren't going to use the .ino file */ main.cpp // We overri
  13. Interesting stuff. Here are some things that seem like they might cause you issues: Rewriting in C++ can be small. Using the Energia API will defeat that and not result in a 1k sd card bootloader. Cross Platform issues, Energia supports Windows, OS/X, and Linux. You need to supply the binaries for all the tools you are using that run on all platforms. It is easiest to stick with the gcc object tools for manipulating the .hex file. Naken asm source - No one has that so you either provide the naken assembler binary. Alternatively, if you want to just go with assembler + Ener
  14. not json but instructions given for linux https://github.com/RickKimball/tivac-core Assumes you have openocd and arm-none-eabi-gcc in your path. Probably won't work for windows. Probably will work for OSX.
  15. The msp430g2231 only has a total of 2048 bytes of flash. If you use Energia, you are going to suck up half that flash just getting it to compile an empty sketch. The EEPROM on an atmega328p has 1024 bytes of eeprom. What do you want to store in EEPROM?
  16. this was fixed a long time ago. https://github.com/robertinant/EnergiaNG/issues/10 are you sure you have the latest stuff?
  17. Do you want people to help you with this? It seems like you are expecting people to fill in the gaps. Should I just delete the repo?
  18. I uploaded the zip file that is available from sourceforge. You pointed me at that. If I'm going to upload something to source control, I'm going to base it on a source code control system instead of a forum post that is likely to disappear. No I don't think it is presumptous. I really don't claim to have written it. The readme doesn't say anything about me being the author. The README.md indicates it is a mirror of your original. It also has all your contact information not mine. I would much prefer that you have a repository that I could fork and provide changes via a pull
  19. I created a mirror of your source code on github. I extracted all the files so people can look at it without downloading a zip file. I also created a msp430 branch that shows the changes I needed to make to get simple blinky and super blinky to compiler for the msp430. https://github.com/RickKimball/CoRTOS/tree/msp430 -rick
  20. Thanks I hadn't found that in my searches. Do you plan on doing any msp430 specific features?
  21. Sure I understand that. I'm just passing along my biased observations What I've seen with the msp430 and RTOS support in general is this. People/groups make a simplistic stab at supporting the msp430 and then just as quickly abandon the effort. It is hard to compete with the fully featured TI-RTOS/SYS-BIOS code. TI-RTOS is free with a BSD license. TI actually supports it on their e2e.ti.com forum. However, it is a beast. TI-RTOS tames you, you don't tame it. I've heard it is slow and bloated on the msp430. It uses an arcane set of TI custom command line based tools that force you to
  22. I'm not actually not a moderator any more .. not sure why it is still attached to my userid. @bluehash ?
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