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  1. Rickta59

    Add MSP432 support to Arduino?

    not json but instructions given for linux https://github.com/RickKimball/tivac-core Assumes you have openocd and arm-none-eabi-gcc in your path. Probably won't work for windows. Probably will work for OSX.
  2. Rickta59

    Store values inside µc

    The msp430g2231 only has a total of 2048 bytes of flash. If you use Energia, you are going to suck up half that flash just getting it to compile an empty sketch. The EEPROM on an atmega328p has 1024 bytes of eeprom. What do you want to store in EEPROM?
  3. Rickta59

    The problem about compiling "Blink" by Energia

    this was fixed a long time ago. https://github.com/robertinant/EnergiaNG/issues/10 are you sure you have the latest stuff?
  4. googling seems to indicate this is a known problem.
  5. Rickta59

    CoRTOS: An open source minimalist RTOS

    It is deleted
  6. Rickta59

    CoRTOS: An open source minimalist RTOS

    Do you want people to help you with this? It seems like you are expecting people to fill in the gaps. Should I just delete the repo?
  7. Rickta59

    CoRTOS: An open source minimalist RTOS

    I uploaded the zip file that is available from sourceforge. You pointed me at that. If I'm going to upload something to source control, I'm going to base it on a source code control system instead of a forum post that is likely to disappear. No I don't think it is presumptous. I really don't claim to have written it. The readme doesn't say anything about me being the author. The README.md indicates it is a mirror of your original. It also has all your contact information not mine. I would much prefer that you have a repository that I could fork and provide changes via a pull requests instead of dealing with zip files. Zip files are not a source code control system.
  8. Rickta59

    CoRTOS: An open source minimalist RTOS

    I created a mirror of your source code on github. I extracted all the files so people can look at it without downloading a zip file. I also created a msp430 branch that shows the changes I needed to make to get simple blinky and super blinky to compiler for the msp430. https://github.com/RickKimball/CoRTOS/tree/msp430 -rick
  9. Rickta59

    CoRTOS: An open source minimalist RTOS

    Thanks I hadn't found that in my searches. Do you plan on doing any msp430 specific features?
  10. Rickta59

    CoRTOS: An open source minimalist RTOS

    Sure I understand that. I'm just passing along my biased observations What I've seen with the msp430 and RTOS support in general is this. People/groups make a simplistic stab at supporting the msp430 and then just as quickly abandon the effort. It is hard to compete with the fully featured TI-RTOS/SYS-BIOS code. TI-RTOS is free with a BSD license. TI actually supports it on their e2e.ti.com forum. However, it is a beast. TI-RTOS tames you, you don't tame it. I've heard it is slow and bloated on the msp430. It uses an arcane set of TI custom command line based tools that force you to conform. I don't want to be tamed. In my opinion, TI is good with hardware and software is an afterthought that some marketing guy needs to be able to check boxes on a specification sheet. I think there is a niche for a small and simple RTOS, not unlike what you have posted, that actually fully takes advantage of the lower power features of the msp430 chips. However, it would be easier to pass on fixes and identify real software issues if you put the source code on some public repository. That is assuming your goal is to get a group of people actively using the code. It might eliminate the muttering of 100 people making the same fix in some snapshot in time of a zip file you randomly post on various web forums. Other users here have posted some simple tasking code. However, there is always some catch or no followup. This guy posted some promising code. Sadly it was writtten to work only with the $1500 IAR compiler and after he posted it there wasn't any follow up. FreeRTOS supposedly works on the msp430 chips. So don't think I'm discouraging your efforts. I applaud it. Seems like a good first start. If you want feedback, I'll provide it.
  11. Rickta59

    Serial Port Problem

    I'm not actually not a moderator any more .. not sure why it is still attached to my userid. @bluehash ?
  12. Rickta59

    Serial Port Problem

    I'm not sure why you are posting on a thread about the msp430g2553. You should start another thread and title it "Serial Problem with CC3200"
  13. Rickta59

    Serial Port Problem

    I have no clue. I don't see any msp430g2553 in there.
  14. Rickta59

    Supported MSP430's

    Looks great. I did one https://oshpark.com/profiles/Rickta59 that didn't have any of the required passives. Mine was lame compared to yours. Also it is the only PCB I've ever designed. I decided I'd leave it to others to do properly. Is your PCB design something you would be willing to share?
  15. Rickta59

    Serial Port Problem

    With the G2 launchpad, the best thing to do is remove the TX/RX jumper pins and use an external dongle. USB dongles used to be expensive however you can get them now for less than $2. Pick one that uses 3v3 signals or you will fry your launchpad chip. Something like this will solve all your problems ($1.69 free shipping * at least in the US): https://www.ebay.com/itm/272758761169 Just connect GND/TX/RX to your launchpad leave the 5v power unconnected (maybe even tape it back to the wire so you don't forget) As an added bonus, you will no longer be limited to 9600 baud. I've run these pl2303 chips with an msp430g2553 at 230k without a problem. These show up as /dev/ttyUSBx on linux. -rick