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    jsolarski reacted to TheDirty in Manchester decoding   
    I'm not certain if there is a question here or not, because the original question has already been answered.  If you want simple RF encoding, you can take it out of the virtualwire library.  They've updated their encoding scheme since I last saw it.
    Here's the conversion table and decode function:
    // 4 bit to 6 bit symbol converter table // Used to convert the high and low nybbles of the transmitted data // into 6 bit symbols for transmission. Each 6-bit symbol has 3 1s and 3 0s // with at most 3 consecutive identical bits static uint8_t symbols[] = { 0xd, 0xe, 0x13, 0x15, 0x16, 0x19, 0x1a, 0x1c, 0x23, 0x25, 0x26, 0x29, 0x2a, 0x2c, 0x32, 0x34 }; //----------------------------------------- // Encode the message into 6 bit symbols. Each byte is converted into // 2 6-bit symbols, high nybble first, low nybble second for (i = 0; i < len; i++) { crc = _crc_ccitt_update(crc, buf[i]); p[index++] = symbols[buf[i] >> 4]; p[index++] = symbols[buf[i] & 0xf]; }  
    The library encodes with crc inline with this code;  (buf gets converted to p)
    // Encode the message into 6 bit symbols. Each byte is converted into // 2 6-bit symbols, high nybble first, low nybble second for (i = 0; i < len; i++) { crc = _crc_ccitt_update(crc, buf[i]); p[index++] = symbols[buf[i] >> 4]; p[index++] = symbols[buf[i] & 0xf]; } // Append the fcs, 16 bits before encoding (4 6-bit symbols after encoding) // Caution: VW expects the _ones_complement_ of the CCITT CRC-16 as the FCS // VW sends FCS as low byte then hi byte crc = ~crc; p[index++] = symbols[(crc >> 4) & 0xf]; p[index++] = symbols[crc & 0xf]; p[index++] = symbols[(crc >> 12) & 0xf]; p[index++] = symbols[(crc >> 8) & 0xf];   
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    jsolarski got a reaction from abecedarian in Since the world has ended, I have to ask...   
    I am waiting for the next apocolypse, hopefully the next one won't be so dreary and boring lol
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    jsolarski reacted to SugarAddict in 43oh Secret Santa - 2012   
    Came home and there was this monstrously huge box on the porch... Roomie ordered more ammo bins. Woot woot... kicked that in through the door and what was hidden under that box?... a Sparkfun box!  Guessing it came from this, since I didn't order it  :thumbup:

    Never used one of these to clean my iron, always had the wet sponge.  Looking forward to trying it out.  Flux pen... and more solder paste, yay!  PentiumPC, you rock
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    jsolarski reacted to oPossum in Bit-Bang USB on MSP430G2452   
    Here it is. Compiles/assembles with CCS v4 and runs on G2553.
    This is still just a working demo - much room for improvement.
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    jsolarski reacted to oPossum in Bit-Bang USB on MSP430G2452   
    It works!  Unfracking believable - the mouse is moving across the screen!
    Have some cleanup to do before posting the code.
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    jsolarski reacted to abecedarian in Countdown to 21 of December with MSP430 :]   
    Not true.
    It was a very early alpha Linux kernel named "Gritty Granite". When they tried to mount more hard disk space to extend the calendar there was a kernel panic which in turn fried the RTC. Therefore, the Mayan calendar doesn't project any farther into the future. ;-)
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    jsolarski reacted to abecedarian in It's the end of the world as we know it   
    ... and I feel fine.
    ... in response to the "headline" at the top of the site.
    "That's great it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an airplane and Lenny Bruce is not afraid...."
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    jsolarski reacted to bluehash in [Call for Designs] CC3000 WiFi BoosterPack   
    This is a general call for designing a WiFi BoosterPack based on the CC3000 WiFi chip from TI. There are currently two options available in the market, a LS Research module and Murata. This won't be easy as the designer will have to take into account antenna considerations too.
    This is a loosely held competition. If we can crowd design this, I can sponsor the first batch of 10 boards and components, probably even  the radio(for the first three designers).
    If it's not feasible, then we drop it. 
    CC3000 by TI with design info: http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/swru331/swru331.pdf

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    jsolarski reacted to username in simple wireless link board   
    Hey all, been busy with stupid school so haven't had a chance to post anything recently.
    Wanted to put my coffee maker on my own routine schedule so I developed a small wireless board to go in my coffee maker that would simulate button presses / read current statuses. Very basic but handy for controlling appliances that rely on 5V-3.3V logic like my coffee maker. This board just sits inside the coffee maker. I got a control board that this board interfaces to via wireless.
    Specs / Features:
    1x NRF24L01 wireless module, *Note they are less than 2.5 USD apice, very cheap. This guy goes on the bottom of the PCB.
    2x Digital Inputs
    2x LSD Outputs
    1x RGB LED
    1x MSP430G2553

    Bet you can't guess who made the PCB =P
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    jsolarski reacted to RobG in Logic Analyzer/Data Logger   
    When my first logic analyzer turn out to be too slow for my needs, I have decided to get one that was already built. Inspired by Ikalogic's products, I have changed my mind again and made my own (actually, two of them.)
    5 channels, 4 inputs + 1 input/output (output can be used to generate trigger pulses or clock signals)
    16MHz crystal oscillator
    MSP430G2553 MCU
    256Kbits per channel
    2" x 1.5" dimensions
    On board LDO
    Weak pull-up or pull-down
    Unfortunately, the SOT23-6 package I used for 74LVC1GX04 crystal driver was reversed (surprise, surprise, the package came from SparkFun's library, this time I am dumping it for good.) One option is to bend the pins, another is using DCO instead of crystal.
    Since I will most likely redo this board, I am thinking of adding a 2.2" color LCD with touch panel on top to make this a complete package, one that does not require PC.

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    jsolarski reacted to simpleavr in EZ430Trainer - a retro style single board computer   
    A Retro Style Basic Computer
            The EZ430trainer system turns the low-cost TI LaunchPad into a microcontroller trainer via simple hardware and software enrichments.
              The EZ430trainer is made up of a         . TI LaunchPad, w/ msp430g2553 mcu         . A "Paradiso UI Shield", adding basic I/O capabilites.         . A "Eztrainer Monitor" firmware, providing monitor and assembler capabilites.  
            The intention of the EZ430trainer is to bring in a "low-cost" computer training system that resembles the 1st generation hobby based microprocessor systems that surfaced in the mid-70's. These systems offer the best computer training as users interacts w/ the CPU almost directly. Programming are done via entering machine code directly or via simple assemblers. Users need to understand very well the cpu architecture in order to work on such systems.
      Parts / Bill of Materials           . TI Launchpad V1.5 kit (w/ msp430g2553 mcu)         . 4 digit 7 segment LED display Common Anode         . 4 digit 7 segment LED display Common Cathode         . 20 x tactile button         . buzzer 3V (Optional)      
                  the LED display is commonly available in ebay, look for those 0.4" or 0.36" 4 digit displays, you will want to make sure it's common cathode and the pin layout matches (most do)
             ___a__       |      |        (0) A  F (1)(2) B      f|      | b      -+--+--+--+--+--+        ___g__        |                 |      e|      | c     |Pin1             |       |      |        -+--+--+--+--+--+        ___d__          E  D  .  C  G (3)     Paradiso UI Shield Schematic                  MSP430G2553 on TI Launchpad              -----------------          /|\|                 |           | |                 |           --|RST              |             |                 |     +---------------+  +---------------+             |  as digit 0 P2.2|-----| _   _   _   _ |  | _   _   _   _ | led modules             |  as digit 1 P2.4|-----|| | | | | | | ||  || | | | | | | || 1x common cathode             |  as digit 2 P2.5|-----||-| |-| |-| |-||  ||-| |-| |-| |-|| 2x common anode             |  as digit 3 P2.7|-----||_|.|_|.|_|.|_||  ||_|.|_|.|_|.|_||             |                 |     +---------------+  +---------------+             |                 |        | segment a to g + dot........             |                 |       /                                 ....\             |                 |      /                                       \             |   segment A P1.7|-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+             |                 | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ |             |   segment B P2.3|-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+             |                 | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ |             |   segment c P1.7|-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+             |                 | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ |             |   segment D P2.0|-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+             |                 | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ |             |   segment E P2.6|-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+             |                 | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ |             |   segment F P1.6|-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+             |                 | _=_ | _=_ | _=_ |             |   segment G P2.7|-o o-+-o o-+-o o-+             |                 | _=_ |             |   segment H P1.5|-o o-+           (not all buttons populated)             |                 |              -----------------            
       mapping of buttons. Ex. A-F .. buon across segment A and F pins
                      [A-F] [A-.] [A-G] [b-A] [D-A] [C-A]                   [A-E] [b-F] [b-.] [b-G] [D-B] [C-B]                         [b-E] [D-F] [D-.] [D-G] [C-D]                         [D-E] [C-E] [C-F] [C-.] [C-G]             +-----------------------------------------+           | +-----------------+ +-----------------+ |           | |  _   _   _   _  | |  _   _   _   _  | |           | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |           | | |-| |-| |-| |-| | | |-| |-| |-| |-| | |           | | |_|.|_|.|_|.|_|.| | |_|.|_|.|_|.|_|.| |           | +-----------------+ +-----------------+ |           |                mnp  rtx  s    j         |           |           [  ] [7 ] [8 ] [9 ] [F ] [Ad] | Address           |                          b/w  ei     << |           |           [  ] [4 ] [5 ] [6 ] [E ] [Md] | Mode / Last           |                               d    . >> |           |                [1 ] [2 ] [3 ] [D ] [Rg] | Register / Next           |                     a    b    c         |           |                [0 ] [A ] [b ] [C ] [+ ] | Advance / Enter           |                                         |           +-----------------------------------------+   Paradiso UI Shield features           . 8 x 7 segment display         . 22 tactile switch positions w/ 20 switch filled         . Prototyping area         . requires software mutliplexing to drive segments         . requires software matrix scanning for key inputs         . has no led driving / current limiting capabilities   EZ430trainer Monitor features       . (1) LMC Little Man Computer emulator built-in     . (2) One-pass assembler generating msp430 machine code     . (3) Direct machine code entry for msp430     . Correct support for pseudo-op codes, ex. RET implemented as MOV @SP+,PC     . Interface w/ Paradiso UI Shield and UART terminal     . Program storage starts at flash 0xe000 at 256 byte blocks     . Program edit at ram 0x0280 for each 256 byte blocks     . Basic IO routines       . number printing       . string printing       . wait key w/       . timer at 1/100 sec intervals
        Memory Space             +------------------------------------------------+           |0x0000-0x0007   Special Func Registers          |           |0x0008-0x00ff    8-bit Periphercals             |           |0x0100-0x01ff   16-bit Periphercals             |           |0x0200        + 512 byte RAM -------------------|           |  0200-  027f | Monitor Use                     |           |  0280-  037f | Program Edit Buffer             |           |  0380-  03ff | Monitor Use, Stack              |           |       0x03ff-+---------------------------------|           | ....                                           |           |0x1000        + Data Flash ---------------------|           |  1000-  103f | Data Flash Bank 0               |           |  1040-  107f | Data Flash Bank 0               |           |  1080-  10bf | Data Flash Bank 0               |           |  10c0-  10ff | Data Flash Bank 0 (Factory Data)|           |       0x10ff +---------------------------------|           | ....                                           |           |0xc000        + Program Flash ------------------|           |  c000-  deff-| Monitor Code                    |           |  dd00-  dfff-| Bios code / dd00 is entry point |           |  e000-  efff-| 16 banks of User Code           |           |  f000-  ffbf-| 16 banks of LMC code            |           |  ffc0-  ffff | Interrupt Vectors               |           |       0xffff +---------------------------------|           +------------------------------------------------+    

      more details at http://www.simpleavr.com/msp430-projects/ez430trainer full operating instructions can be found here if u are interested in the details.   /EDIT Dec 12, 2012 furnishing source and gerber files.  

    D55524_5x10.zip is the production ready seeedstudio compliance file package


    ez430trainer.tgz are source files in tgz format (tarred, gzipped)

    (*) this project can only be built with msp430gcc (cygwin or linux)

    lmc.c contains only the LMC machine (compiles on mps430gcc and CCSV4), for CCS, create a lmc project and rename lmc.c to main.c to build      
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    jsolarski reacted to PentiumPC in CC2541DK-SENSOR - CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit   
    The sensor kit came as a surprise as I wasn't expecting any deliveries from FEDEX today.
    Here is some quick photos, to be frank BLE sounds cool but I have no idea what to do with it, yet..
    Will learn more about it once I have the time.

    According this app, I will get a heat stroke right inside my room.

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    jsolarski reacted to spirilis in MSP430F5172 LaunchPad XL   
    Daniel Beer had given me advice on forcing mspdebug to use the Olimex hardware list, which is more complete, and it works:
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    jsolarski reacted to spirilis in MSP430F5172 LaunchPad XL   
    Boards came: 
    Was oddly tired last night, went to sleep at 7:30, didn't have time to solder one up... Maybe tonight!
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    jsolarski reacted to PentiumPC in i2c HD44780 LCD Booster Shield   
    Quick update,
    I got the the i2c slave code going, here is a video.

    LaunchPad acting as a Master i2c driver writes "Hello, World" and a counter to the G2231 USI i2c slave. Data is written in 2 bytes, byte 1 toggles the RS line on the LCD, byte 2 writes to the LCD data port.  
    Master using tinyprintf by oPossum.
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    jsolarski reacted to cde in DigiKey's Digi-Wish 2012 Christmas contest   
    Digikey runs a yearly contest through facebook and twitter. Follow them (and tweet) or like once per day, and let them know what you want from their catalog, up to 100 dollars.
    They don't say how many winners though.
    Also, just a fyi, they do weekly contests on the twitter as well. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursday trivias (trivial, most looking at a product page and finding a keyword). Free stuff.
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    jsolarski reacted to EngIP in POV with G2211 and little else   
    Just a little update with this "project".
    I put the circuit on stripboard, a bit easier than frantically swinging a breadboard about in my efforts to impress the wife.

    A few attempts at more than a pretty green face...

    An attempt at mixing inverse and regular text...Not great

    About the best picture I managed to get...

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    jsolarski reacted to M-atthias in Bit-Bang USB on MSP430G2452   
    Mecrimus-B 0.2 is out.

    English translations are included.
    This time, it emulates an HID mouse that moves your pointer to the right.
    Tested on Linux 2.6.26-2-686 with UHCI Host Controller.

    lsusb -v:

    Bus 003 Device 005: ID 3412:7856
    Device Descriptor:
      bLength                18
      bDescriptorType         1
      bcdUSB               1.10
      bDeviceClass            0 (Defined at Interface level)
      bDeviceSubClass         0
      bDeviceProtocol         0
      bMaxPacketSize0         8
      idVendor           0x3412
      idProduct          0x7856
      bcdDevice           43.42
      iManufacturer           1 Matthias Koch
      iProduct                2 Mecrimus-B
      iSerial                 0
      bNumConfigurations      1
      Configuration Descriptor:
        bLength                 9
        bDescriptorType         2
        wTotalLength           34
        bNumInterfaces          1
        bConfigurationValue     1
        iConfiguration          0
        bmAttributes         0x80
          (Bus Powered)
        MaxPower              100mA
        Interface Descriptor:
          bLength                 9
          bDescriptorType         4
          bInterfaceNumber        0
          bAlternateSetting       0
          bNumEndpoints           1
          bInterfaceClass         3 Human Interface Device
          bInterfaceSubClass      1 Boot Interface Subclass
          bInterfaceProtocol      2 Mouse
          iInterface              0
            HID Device Descriptor:
              bLength                 9
              bDescriptorType        33
              bcdHID               1.10
              bCountryCode            0 Not supported
              bNumDescriptors         1
              bDescriptorType        34 Report
              wDescriptorLength      52
             Report Descriptors:
               ** UNAVAILABLE **
          Endpoint Descriptor:
            bLength                 7
            bDescriptorType         5
            bEndpointAddress     0x81  EP 1 IN
            bmAttributes            3
              Transfer Type            Interrupt
              Synch Type               None
              Usage Type               Data
            wMaxPacketSize     0x0004  1x 4 bytes
            bInterval              10
    Device Status:     0x0000
      (Bus Powered)
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    jsolarski got a reaction from oscarl1718 in Digital or analog Write multiple pins in one command ?   
    Yes you can get faster results but you either have to code it in C and interface with the registers directly
    I.E. P1OUT |= bit1+ bit2 or P1OUT &= ~bit1 + bit2
    the other option is code it in assembly
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    jsolarski got a reaction from jayachar88 in Software UART support in Energia, and interaction with processing   
    There is a known issue with the CDC drivers in linux. something about a buffer overflo when no one is listening (work around is dont send data before you have something listening to the com port, or apply the CDC driver patch and reload the module)
    but otherwise I have not had any other problems with serial communications with the launchpad,
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    jsolarski got a reaction from jayachar88 in Software UART support in Energia, and interaction with processing   
    this is one of the threads for the issue, and I know there are more....
    if you are unsure on how to apply the patch, many of us here are able to assist you in applying it.
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    jsolarski got a reaction from Automate in One month since forum software switch - poll inside.   
    use view new content button on the top right will allow you to see unread posts
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    jsolarski reacted to GeekDoc in 32k crystal install and test   
    As jsolarski said, you have to make the call. Until now (VFD clock), I've not needed the accuracy of the crystal in any project. However, there are a bunch of ways to use less pins; it just requires creative coding, or additional hardware. You can use a serial LCD, or add a shift register to cut your 6 pins in half or less. Inputs (buttons, pot, sensor) usually only require 1 data pin. I've used the 14-pin chips in several projects.
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    jsolarski got a reaction from sirri in 32k crystal install and test   
    Not necessarily more more stable or faster, It just has different advantages for using it.
    1) more accurate time and less drift
    2) low power (it is all low power lol)
    you have to make the call on if you need that accurate time or not.
    Personally I have not used a project that needed a crystal for the final design.
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    jsolarski reacted to abecedarian in Total "food stamp" recipients exceed population of 24 states combined   
    I have to laugh at the concept of "decent wage". I lived on my own, rented an apartment and such, paid my bills and "got by" on minimum wage back in the late '80s. I also noticed that as minimum wage went up, so did rent, fuel, food and such... almost "lock-step": when minimum wage was raised, the cost of everything else went up leaving me in exactly the same position I was in before, despite the promises saying increasing minimum wage would put more money in my pocket. Years later, when my education and experience permitted me to earn more than minimum wage, I found myself in the odd position of having people "promoted" to making as much as I did due to increases in minimum wage: people making minimum wage got paid more and more while my wages didn't increase. 
    I also learned the importance of "budgeting" in order to finance things I wanted. Wouldn't it be nice if the current "administration" of the US could make a budget, at least once, and stick to it instead of legislating spending "bills" that push paying for the expenditures out past the end of their term in office? Even Clinton had to shut down the government for a while because of not having a budget, yet Obama is getting carte blanche to continue on? I do not spend money I do not have so why should the government be any more priveledged?
    Interesting you mention WalMart. WalMart doesn't pay their employees any less than Target, or any other generic retail outlet does. They all abide by the labor codes and laws. I don't see or hear anyone up in arms about McDonalds, Jack-in-the-Box, 7-Eleven, Subway, Best Buy... or any other company that pays minimum wage. A friend of ours has a brother who works for WalMart and the store he works at had a catering company prepare tri-tip and other goodies for the employees who worked "Black Friday". Yet Target, where my wife works, ordered Subway, bulk Chinese and cooked fried chicken from their own freezer. Providing employees benefits above and beyond wages is not a legal requirement, at least until "Obamacare" takes full effect. I work in the telecom industry and my employer doesn't provide health care.
    In the '70s and '80's no one complained about Gemco, Zody's, Montgomery-Ward, TG&Y, Kinney's Shoes and other companies paying minimum wage and offering no benefits... interestingly enough, where are they now? But, why the big fuss now? ... The "entitlement mentality" is the only explanation I can reasonably arrive at.
    My whole life has seen ups and downs, and I've even had to resort to unemployment insurance a few times. But I do my best to avoid those situations. Were I really in need, I would work at WalMart or even out in the field picking lettuce before resorting to the way of life of Welfare. Sadly, too many people lack the resolve to actually do anything other than receive Welfare assistance... now don't get me wrong here- it's a program to help people in dire need and I applaud the fact it is available, but it is not a way of life. It was intended as a "trampoline", if you will, to catch one when they fall so they can rebound and recover. It is now a program that is easy to fall in to and nearly impossible to get out of.
    As for the rich and taxes... perhaps they should pay more than they do. But I don't believe a progressive, sliding tax scale is fair either... as in the more one earns the more one pays. I also don't believe it's fair to tax one's income, then tax again when the money is spent. That is just a ploy for the government to get their grubby hands into one's wallet and finance their whims.
    In my opinion, the only way to be fair is to either allow everyone to earn what they can, unencumbered by taxes, and then tax what they buy, or tax their income and allow them to spend unencumbered by taxes. Either way, everyone will contribute to the system in proportionate amounts. If you cannot afford it, don't buy it.
    I think, most annoyingly, that driving through the parking lot at the local DPSS office, people receiving welfare were getting in to Escalade's and such whilst my wife and I are out working and get to drive a '91 Toyota pickup. I either suck at gaming the system or the system sucks and penalizes people for doing the right thing.
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