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    jsolarski reacted to petertux in USB to gameport project   
    If you appreciate late 90s vintage PCs you might be interested in this one.
    I decided to build a Pentium II machine on which I can play my favourite games from those times. Magic Carpet (Bullfrog Productions) is one of them, but it needs a joystick. I had good quality USB joysticks, but those games need old analog gameport-based controllers that are serviced by the sound cards of the time.
    This new project acts as a USB Host and provides the analog output that emulates a 4 axis + 4 button game controller.
    the prototype works absolutely great, it takes about 0.6ms to read data from the attached USB joystick and to send it to the sound card. data is retrieved every 10ms as per the HID polling interval, absolutely no input command is lost and there is over-current protection built in in order to protect the PC from misuse.
    what do you guys think? I'm open to ideas regarding this project before I commit revision 2 of the board - which might end up being a 4 layer design.
    prototype pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fXdDBng4dvEepq8V7
    repo: https://cadlab.io/projects/lemidi

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    jsolarski reacted to al1fch in [SOLVED] Firmware upgrading incident on MSP430FR4133 Launchpad   
    I couldn't solve the problem with Mspdebug
    Solved with CCS Cloud on Windows :  On Debug menu  I could launch 'Recovery' then 'Update ' 🙂
    Launchpad is now OK... next step : test again  on Unbuntu 18.10  (without modemmanager holding TTY/ACM0....)
    OK with last Energia running on Ubuntu 18.10 (32 bit   libmsp430.so  coming Energie replaced  by 64 bit one,)
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    jsolarski got a reaction from Sara in Having problems to use SD card driver and looking for a library. CC1352R/HELP   
    so lets start simple,
    have you tried a different sd card? or tried a different sector?    (not all SD cards are equal)
    have you made sure the card lock switch is in the correct position? (im sure you have but just want to make sure.)
    are you able or do you know how to use "dd" to see if you actually have written to the sd card? (dd is a command to either write or read raw data from a disk or image.) we want to verify that you are actually writing to the sd card
    The code looks good, but i dont use RTOS, and dont have a way to test at this time, im sure i could but I dont have time to get it wall setup.
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    jsolarski got a reaction from Sara in Having problems to use SD card driver and looking for a library. CC1352R/HELP   
    Hi sara,
    I can only give you limited support, and hopefully point you in the right direction.........
    Your HW does have SPI, so you should be able to write to SD cards with out issue.
    Try looking here
    the only thing I see is you have to change the code to fit your HW, I do not know if SSI is close to USCI or USI.
    also if you add more info on your setup we maybe able to guide you in the right direction as well.
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    jsolarski reacted to Rei Vilo in MSP430FR6989 onboard LCD drivers for Energia   
    Check the menu Files > Examples > LCD_LaunchPad.
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    jsolarski reacted to slipton in MSP430 Nixie Clock   
    Hi All,
    I just finished assembling and modifying this kit for my SO for Christmas. I put it in a vintage toaster from 1910. Works great and so cool! However, watch out for shorting anything while the clock is powered - I fried some transistors while playing around with it.
    In any case, I made quite a few modifications and will post them here. I added the following components to the kit:
    Arduino UNO I had lying around.
    Random photodiode I had lying around.
    Adafruit RTC module: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3013
    Adafruit motion sensor: https://www.adafruit.com/product/189
    I modified the code to use the photodiode and motion sensor to control the brightness of the display using PWM. I have attached that. It is not written with extreme discipline, but it works
    Let me know what you guys think,

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    jsolarski got a reaction from venkatesh223 in MSP432P401R SD card interface   
    Its hard to give you an answer on this.

    If its say, SD card not initlized, then you really need to verify your setup and wiring.
    and post any modifications of the code provided.
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    jsolarski reacted to bluehash in Raspberry Pi Model 3B $25 with Free Overnight Shipping   
    Hope you snag one. Enjoy!
    Use code CYBER


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    jsolarski got a reaction from munny in ADC12 timer trigger   
    Reading the data sheet.....
    you need a PWM time of 10ms. with a duty cycle of .32ms
    Your AD read time should be from 0ms to .28ms from the start of your pulse on the LED
    Setup up your ADC for single conversion, one channel
    count how many clock pulses and figure out how long conversion and sampling time.
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    jsolarski got a reaction from munny in ADC12 timer trigger   
    to expand
    1. Should my sample and hold time be 0.28ms?
    your hold time should start after .28ms, and holding the peak value between 0ms and .28ms
    2. If so then should I wait for next  0.04ms + 9.68ms to collect my next ADC value as the next input pulse needs that much time to arrive?
    Your next sample should start on your next pulse to the LED which is 9.68ms
    3. If 1 and 2 are correct, how can I set up my ADC for this? 
    ADC setup is a case by case basis, and will be trial and error. but a good place to start is the code examples for your chip, and the user guide....
    My tip to you, is look into pulse sampling.
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    jsolarski got a reaction from Fmilburn in Not new, but gone for along time   
    Been gone for a long time. Life has gotten in the way of project, blog and all sorts of things. I cant even remember my last post.....
    but an update......
    first kid was born
    got married
    got cancer
    second kid born
    survived cancer
    year later, still living
    during all this, got into home brewing
    Now I brew beer, and now want to take my knowledge of electronics and infuse it into an all encompassing hobby. And also my current job allows me to hack and fix ATMs.
    some upcoming things im working on......... usb sniffer/pasthrough , temperature logging and S.G. logging.  some Halloween blinkies ......and probably some other odds and ends
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    jsolarski reacted to KatiePier in TI MSP430 Wolverine now in production   
    Hi @@greeeg,
    Basically, XMS silicon isn't signed off on for use in mass production of end products - you should only use XMS as samples for designing your product, etc, and use production silicon to actually produce any large number of units of a product for public consumption. In addition, the XMS silicon doesn't always have all of the calibration constants in the TLV that are in the production silicon - for example, temperature sensor calibration at 85C might be missing because that clearly requires testing going through a temp chamber and that may not be done for simply these XMS engineering samples. Finally, depending on the part the first production silicon may be a different revision than some or all of the XMS parts released meaning they may have different errata fixed - always check the revision letter.
    In any case, once production silicon is out, it's always best to use that if you are making any sort of end-product, as it should be meeting all datasheet specs and is considered production quality.
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    jsolarski reacted to abecedarian in To those in the USA   
    Enjoy your Independence Day!
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    jsolarski reacted to zlalanne in RedBot BoosterPack   
    I have finished my first revision of the RedBot BoosterPack. For those that don't know SparkFun has a robotics kit they call the "RedBot". Which is basically an Arduino, robot chassis and a bunch of sensors. This BoosterPack basically replaces the Arduino and allows you to plug in your favorite 40-pin LaunchPad to interact with the hardware. Check out my GitHub link below for more information on the differences. 
    SparkFun sells the robot chassis and motors for $15 on its website, using it with this BoosterPack and a LaunchPad is a low cost way to get into robotics. I have started to port the Arduino library to Energia and currently have support for the motors. The GitHub project below has a lot more info and the current project status.
    The BoosterPack by itself:

    The BoosterPack + F5529 LaunchPad mounted to the robot chassis. The chassis from SparkFun includes all screws + standoffs to mount correctly

    Sideview of the BoosterPack + F5529 LaunchPad mounted to the robot chassis

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    jsolarski reacted to RobG in New BoosterPacks - CC3100 & CC3200   
    Visited TI store this morning and noticed few new BPs
    CC3200-LAUNCHXL - SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 LaunchPad
    CC3100BOOST - SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack
    CC31XXEMUBOOST - Advanced Emulation BoosterPack for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack
    More info:
    CC31xx & CC32xx Wiki
    CC31xx Quick Start
    CC32xx QucikStart
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    jsolarski reacted to zeke in RandomElectrons LP10062   
    Your suggestion is interesting. I will look into it.
    In the meantime, here is the latest revision. 
    The schematic is the same. I just refined the layout and added the logo.

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    jsolarski reacted to zeke in RandomElectrons LP10062   
    Hi Guys,
    It's been quite a while since I was really active on the board (dang work!) so I thought I would take some time to make something that I could contribute back to the community.
    I put together something not really new. Well the idea isn't new but the implementation is new.
    I designed a LaunchPad board and it's called the LP10062.
    This preliminary design is based on the MSP430G2452 TSSOP.
    It has the same connector pinout and spacing as the original Launchpad board so all the shields will (should) work on it although they may look goofy.
    I decided to use the Sick of Beige 100mm x 62mm PCB shape since it is pleasing to the eye and acrylic "cases" can be obtained from SeeedStudio super cheap. This will let you permanently mount the board if you want.
    My motivation for designing this board is practical as well as aesthetics. I believe we can have beautiful looking boards THAT HAVE MOUNTING HOLES!
    Additionally, this board has a USB-Serial UART on it. It will provide power to the board as well as give you a way to talk to the MSP430.
    My preliminary investigation tells me that the BOOSTXL-BATTPACK should power this board without difficulty. Again, it will look goofy but that can be remedied in the future by redesigning the battery pack layout.
    I still have to design a decent power supply and I can't make up my mind on the topology just yet. So the board isn't fully routed just yet. I think it's too late in the day or something. I would like this thing to accept 12V DC and not give a care about which pin is +ve or -ve. You won't be able to blow it up by accidentally reversing the polarity.
    I have attached a preliminary pdf schematic and a screen capture of the PCB. 
      Yeah, I realize that the MSP430G2452 looks tiny on this PCB but it is my intention is to use this as a launching point [nyuck nyuck nyuck ;-) ] for a couple more LaunchPad designs that have more powerful MCU's on them i.e.: bigger MSP430 or a TIVA processor. I wanted to start small and work my way up in complexity.
    Until that time, I invite your feedback on this design. 
    What do you think?

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    jsolarski reacted to Rei Vilo in Some Misconceptions about Libraries   
    I'm receiving many mails about the libraries I've developed and I'm sharing.
    The libraries are plug-and-play as I'm using them in my projects. However, they are designed for a specific configuration. For example, a SD-card library requires a minimum of 512 bytes of RAM as this is the size of a sector. So it won't work on the MSP430G2553.
    With so many LaunchPads, BoosterPacks and components possible combinations, the one-fits-all approach is just impossible. It would end with lengthy and hard to read code with many pre-processing statements. For example, changing the pins names for the pins numbers improves the portability of the library across the LaunchPad range of boards.
    Even if the library works out of the box, they are provided as examples and require some work from the user. This is the best way for learning. The user should read and understand them, and then customise them so they can match his/her exact needs.
    With new hardware and software releases coming out, a library may suffer from obsolescence. It used to work with a prior version but no longer works with the new one. For example, each new release of Energia or CCS adds new features and some times modifies others in order to ensure compatibility across the whole range.
    Finally, feel free to improve and share back the libraries with the community
    This is a cross-post with Stellarisiti.
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    jsolarski reacted to Fred in TRF7970A NFC booster now in eStore   
    The TRF7970A NFC booster back (made by DLP Design) is now available direct from TI. It's also available as a bundle with a G2 or F5529 Launchpad but costs the same as buying these seperately.
    Perfect timing for me in the UK as I was going to be stung with
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    jsolarski reacted to RobG in Few things for sale   
    I have some extra things ( result of impulse buy ) that I don't need anymore and want to sell/trade.
    Shipping is included, but I will only ship to US addresses.
    1. Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad - no box, comes with cable - $7 (I have more than one.)
    2. - gone
    3. - gone
    PM me if you are interested.
    Also, if you have BeagleBone Black rev. B or C and you want to trade or sell, PM me as well.
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    jsolarski reacted to bluehash in FatFS on MSP430G2744   
    @@pabigot Thanks for mentioning this. I updated the top of Petite FatFs post so that the BSP430 example gets more exposure.
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    jsolarski reacted to pabigot in FatFS on MSP430G2744   
    Just a reminder: in addition to a 43oh FatFS port that I believe @@bluehash has made available somewhere around here, I maintain a github repository that tracks all releases of FatFS and Petit FatFS and the sample code, including patches, updated whenever I happen to remember. This may be useful to people who want to see how it changes over time, since ChaN only publishes packaged releases. (For example, R0.10 introduced an API change to f_mount.)
    BSP430 has an example fatfs interface that may also be useful, as the FatFS sample package dropped the generic example back in 2013.
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    jsolarski reacted to zeke in RandomElectrons RELP-2 LaunchPad   
    I started working on another LaunchPad design today.
    This one has an F5529 on it.
    This is what I have so far.

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    jsolarski reacted to roadrunner84 in I'm using MSP430 EXP-G2   
    There are getting started tutorials. You could watch youtube primers on the msp430 (which I am still planning to do myself sometime). You could buy/borrow a book on the msp430.
    First things first, do you know how to program C or C++? If you don't better start there, unless you're willing to learn msp430 assembler (I do like the instruction set, I just do not like writing assembler).
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    jsolarski reacted to chicken in PicassoBot   
    Just came across this Kickstarter that features the MSP430G2553 LaunchPad and Energia:
    PicassoBot, the Portrait Sketching Robot Kit.
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