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  1. Im a little rusty, but i thought you cant service interrupts within interrupts and if an interrupt comes through while running an interrupt it would ignore it. Ill have something tomorrow when i go over my old code. One thought is step through the code and watch what it does.
  2. jsolarski

    Hello, New Here!!!

    Welcome fellow Flatlander or FIB....lol Its a good place to start and ask questions.
  3. jsolarski

    Not new, but gone for along time

    Thanks! now its time to reload all my tools...and brush up on my coding.... lol
  4. Hello, Been gone for a long time. Life has gotten in the way of project, blog and all sorts of things. I cant even remember my last post..... but an update...... first kid was born got married got cancer second kid born survived cancer year later, still living during all this, got into home brewing Now I brew beer, and now want to take my knowledge of electronics and infuse it into an all encompassing hobby. And also my current job allows me to hack and fix ATMs. some upcoming things im working on......... usb sniffer/pasthrough , temperature logging and S.G. logging. some Halloween blinkies ......and probably some other odds and ends
  5. jsolarski

    Make an offer

    those PDT8100, do they have color screens or the older monochrome ones? do they have WIFI A/B? what version of windows CE?
  6. jsolarski

    USB HID device problem

    I had lots of issues trying to use the API with GCC. a lot has to do with packed structs, its been about a year since i have picked up that code, so I cant give you any real info. maybe use a USB sniffer and a debugger to find out what it is sending and receiving.
  7. jsolarski

    Few things for sale

    sent PM about chronos
  8. jsolarski

    Quadcopter BoosterPack

    any update on this?
  9. jsolarski

    Im back

    I had to give up my work area, lol instead of using a whole kitchen and my apt, i am now reduced to 1 desk that i have to share with my computer equipment lol, looks like a lot has happened since then.
  10. finally back and working on stuff again

  11. jsolarski

    Im back

    im back, been really busy with life and work. (the quick update, lost a job, got a job, had a baby, adopted a family, moved...etc, basicly went from me to having me and 4 others in my household) looks like I missed a lot. now time to catch up on all the new posts.......
  12. jsolarski

    ADC Interrupt not working

    in his code the CPU is never turned off.
  13. jsolarski

    device node for launchpad in linux

    I have use that patch on all my kernels. it works for me. its a good thing to have if you are doing alot of mspwork on one PC but I dont think thats your issue is yuur serial device for the launchpad are you sure that you are transmiting serial data? are your jumpers for sw/hw set correctly, correct baude and bit settings? have you tried other known working programs that output serial on your msp?
  14. jsolarski

    device node for launchpad in linux

    linux uses TTY extension so you should have a /dev/ttyACMx the other way to check what device that launch pad is is unplug replug and check the logs or tail dmsg
  15. jsolarski

    Hi from the Fair Haven, NY

    Welcome to the forums.