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    Lord anubis reacted to greeeg in 120 LED Ring Clock   
    I take it you mean why do you need 4 "dumb" boards and 1 "smart" controller board.
    I just think it looks neater
    BUT! never fear, because the "smart" controller board has a feature built in, short out these pads, or install a small resistor, and the controller section is bypassed.
    do this to 4 of the boards and you can make the ring with the one design.

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    Lord anubis got a reaction from greeeg in 120 LED Ring Clock   
    Ouch, yes I see your in terrible need.
    You need some advise:
    please send only one posting and edit your posting to add text, explanation, information or whatever.
    This looks silly, don't you think so?
    Does your request has to do with the ledring or using the MSP-EXP430G2?
    If it is just about a project with CSS with the MSP-EXP430G2, create a new topic.
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    Lord anubis reacted to RobG in StellarLight - Stellaris LaunchPad based controller   
    Rotated LP, connections are now shorter. Little more cleanup and off to fab.

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    Lord anubis reacted to RobG in USB MIDI adapter   
    Here's my board with 4ch, 1M bits/ch Data Logger daughter card. The card should be mounted under the USB board, but I want to have it removable so I mounted it on top and used headers.

    Still undecided if I should use some existing GUI tool/protocol or write my own.
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    Lord anubis got a reaction from bluehash in What does "stackable" mean for headers?   
    Lets call each stackable board a layer.
    Layer one is your LP.
    Layer two is your transmission booster pack.
    Layer three is your LCD board.
    Some pins you use on layer 2 and others on layer 3.
    It doesn't mean that all the pins are used on each layer, they are just passed through to all the layers.
    This is mostly interesting when you create your own boards.
    That way you can control the used pins.
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