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    Smart coaster project.

    Cool project! Eh this is hot, You have a stalker here now.
  2. Lord anubis

    120 LED Ring Clock

    Just a question, why not just one type of ring design? the part that has/need the mcu with the other elektric parts will morphs that ring element as the master. When there are no parts there is no connection.. Not cheaper? Only need one designed pcb to order.
  3. Lord anubis

    120 LED Ring Clock

    Ouch, yes I see your in terrible need. You need some advise: please send only one posting and edit your posting to add text, explanation, information or whatever. This looks silly, don't you think so? Does your request has to do with the ledring or using the MSP-EXP430G2? If it is just about a project with CSS with the MSP-EXP430G2, create a new topic.
  4. Lord anubis

    Time-Lapse Camera Slider

    Hi Claudia, This is nice, please tell us more! Thank you
  5. Lord anubis

    120 LED Ring Clock

    Thanks, and pitty. Are the known bugs all noted in this topic, or did you found newer ones? If so, any change that the design will be updated?
  6. Lord anubis

    120 LED Ring Clock

    Wow, just finding this great project. Stil possible to order some parts?
  7. Lord anubis

    Volt/Amp/Watt meter

    Hi, if I want to use two or three INA219's, do I need to worry about the V- and GND or when two V- are have the same starting point but V+ ( of course ) not, visa versa? I wil do another display of course. Thank you
  8. Lord anubis


    I believe you, but is this documented somewhere? Somebody knows?
  9. Lord anubis

    attachInterrupt on Stellaris Launchpad

    Hi, where did you find inf o about attachInterrupt? I did do a google search like "stellaris attachInterrupt" and I found this topic.
  10. Lord anubis

    MSP430G2312 won't work standalone

    Hey, thank you for this tip.
  11. Lord anubis

    DIY MSP430 wifi connectivity with retail router

    Hey Sir. The video is still private.
  12. Lord anubis

    Aquarium Controller

    This is a common/known issue. Annoying, happens sometimes under the osx too. Just FYI, About the code supplied by SirPatrick, it doesn't start from the minimum step till the maximum step. It starts from servo_lut[0] = 661 and ends at servo_lut[180] = arround 2640. 181 steps So the noted duty cycle 0-100% is not managed. The following // Go to 0
  13. Lord anubis

    CodeBlocks and Stellaris Launchpad (with GCC)

    The link is damaged. the url is doubled. Should be: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31742622/stellaris.zip
  14. Lord anubis

    Square wave generator

    Great job. Do you have some specs? Can you give some scoop image from the wave? That would be nice. What about SysCtlClockSet(SYSCTL_SYSDIV_2_5, SYSCTL_USE_PLL | SYSCTL_OSC_MAIN_SYSCTL | SYSCTL_XTAL_16MHZ); This give 80Mhz, right? Is that usable? Thank you. Edit. Thank you for the images above and under
  15. Lord anubis

    Frequency Counter using Launchpad & Nokia 5110 LCD

    Hi, busy making a counter myself using an Stellaris and a 74HC573. I then notice this project. A question, independing of the mcu type, are you playing with a circuit to put in front of the counter input to play it save with voltages from 3,3 till 24V. Like cmos and TTL niveaus and sinus waves? Like to have the brownout zeners to protect the input gates. Any suggestions? Thank you very much.