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  1. Which linux distro are you moving to? I personally use Mint, but the packages come from the Ubuntu repository. There are easy to download pre-package compiler and support files. Link for package files for ubuntu/Mint download and install all the packages: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+s ... ext=msp430 other distros here at this link: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/m ... SPGCC_Wiki
  2. Head up after getting my free display kit from Noritake found out they are giving other displays away. I first found out about the give-away Nut's and Volt's magazine, here is the link for the current display give-away a GU160X80E-7900B unit. You have to enter their website via this link to see the correct page. http://itron.tv/NV0212 Good luck!
  3. The Contest was last year around November, took about 4 months to get the prize. I looked for the link I had, seems to be gone now. The frame rate makes the flicker worst, not as bad watching it with your eye.
  4. Been a while, but getting a free VFD display from Noritake got me started back on a little project. After entering a Contest last year "what would you do with Noritake VFD" I got notice a few weeks ago I won a free display kit. The kit came with a VFD display 144x16 dots serial only, CD with Code examples. 6 pin header not soldered in. Using code from my 74HC595 project as a base I added to the program code to work like a SPI interface for the display. Note the support of the SPI interface for the display was not listed on the starter sheet they sent, but in the PDF file on th
  5. To get by with what you have, do what I do. Use the one timer to create a master clock, then I just use variables that get their timing from that clock. So you can have a software PWM on any pin.
  6. First like to say great work.... I loved the old Z-80 and the Motorola 6809 (Color Computer). This reminds of stuff that I used to write on Color computer. Now just add a routine to let you play Space Invaders, one Analog input for a pot and a switch for fire..
  7. Thanks I am still here, Summer Vacation, etc.. works been crazy.... I get times where I have more free time then others. Still have a list of stuff on the MSP430 to make.
  8. Been busy with a lot of other stuff... but after a little time here and there put together a 4x4x4 LED Cube. Soldering the LED's took me forever.... I used Common Cathode configuration for the LED's, this way logic 1 turns on the LED. and Logic 1 also turns on a Row transistor. Simple little demo. Parts: Launchpad board, 3 x 74HC595 8-bit shift registers, 4 x 2N3904 NPN transistors, 64 Yellow LED's.
  9. Here is how I write to my 74hc595, and I am running at 1Mhz. When writing to the 74HC595, I always put the latch on logic 0. And shift data in from the going from logic 0 to logic 1 on the clock pin. Then at the end of my shifting in data, put the latch pin to logic 1. If I am looking at your code correctly, your clocking High to low on you clock pin when shifting in. Try going from low to high. I had to re-edit this part. If you need a delay use a the delay call for ms delay or maybe a 'for' statement after shifting in the data. for(j = 0; j < arrayLength; j++)
  10. Nothing more American then Burgers and Pizza.... Hamburger: Bun (bread), Meat (Ground Cow), Cheese, Mustard, Ketchup, pickles... Pizza: base made from bread, Meat(Ground Cow, and Ground Pig), Cheese, tomato sauce... BTW the tomato sauce can be made from Ketchup, Mustard... Pickles optional on pizza
  11. For some of the projects in my head I need a Low voltage microphone amplifier circuit to feed my analog input... Any good ones you can send me...
  12. Linux is a free version of Unix..... Gods of C love it, because C was created first under the Unix operating system. Windows has always moved more and more to be Unix like but has always lack in being as programer friendly as Linux is. Yes you can do 99% of everything under Windows as Unix, but some things Unix just does better or Unix makes it easier to do. You may never need to use Linix/Unix for what you want done, not sure I would be running Linux on the MSP430. But I do code in C with my MSP430. Linux is more a community operating system, unlike Windows which is controlled
  13. Sort of on subject, I like both my Nikon, Cannon.... Just take photo's as a Hobby... Yeah, would be great to turn one of my hobby's into Business.
  14. I have some Z80 boards hanging around also..... Even the remains of a old arcade machine motherboards.
  15. I have maxed out code space on the 2231, you have to watch what C library functions you use. Depends on what your trying to do with that chip, you may have to go to another MSP430 with more memory. So far I have just re-written code to save memory space, but in the future maybe will have to go to a larger MSP430. I picked up a 20 pin MSP430 for when I need more I/O and memory, maybe start playing with it soon. I am also old school..... my first computer 1Mhz 8-bit, 16K ram..... Just after learning BASIC, started look at ways to make it do other things. Building custom hardwar
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