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  1. yeah thanks rob.. Thats exactly the thing I was thinking of. The more I think about the hardware UART the more certain I am that crossing those pins will be necessary. Will let you know how I get on.
  2. Thanks Rob. Looks like Im gunna have follow the "suck it and see" approach.. Luckily it looks as though some samples should be arriving tomorrow, not sure when I'll have the chance to play though.. Sons birthday on Sat. Wife seems to be under the impression that its the fathers job to help out with the planning and stuff..
  3. Gotta say Im excited by this new chips.. The Flash + RAM boost is a nice jump and the main reason Im drooling, but hardware UART is exciting also. However I do have a question. The USB UART converter in the launchpad uses P1.1 as TXD and P1.2 as RXD and the signals there get transmitted back to the PC. With the hardware UART though the pins are reversed. 1.1 is USCI_A0 receive data in UART mode and 1.2 is USCI_A0 transmit data in UART mode. I remember a poll on the TI e2e site on how to handle jumpers on the next version of the board, swapping those pins. Does this mean that to u
  4. It kinda all depends on how long you want to wait and if you have the quantity/items to soak up the shipping.. but this is a good price.. I have their (el-cheapeo) 700 pt boards and Im happy with em.
  5. Im guessing its a modified header file so he can use the calibrated 16MHz constants (which he is using). the G2231 only has 1MHz calibrated by default.. but you can perform the calibration yourself and store the results in the flash area. So the compiler knows about the new values you need a couple of files modified. More details are posted Here. I followed those instructions but I overwrote the original files with the modifications (they are easy enough to undo should I ever need do but I can't see that happening), this way I calibrate all my MSP chips and I always have 8/16MHz available.
  6. Just ordered one of these packs.. $4.30 shipped to the UK.. can't be beaten.. not sure what Im gunna do with it yet.. but 8K of flash and another 8 IO lines on the included MSP430G2452 are a big plus I already have a couple of MSP430G2452s on sample order.. but they are in back order and have been for weeks.. at the moment each day the est shipping date goes back a day so if they Mayans are right I won't ever get my samples but will still get a chip to play with from the booster.
  7. Wow.. thanks for the very informative reply. You have definitely increased my understanding. I don't have a head for facts+figures. I can't remember things that way. What I need is an understanding, an internal model so to speak. New knowledge has to hang off that model and I can "see" how things are doing what they do. Your explanation makes sense to me and I can totally see why an additional resistor connected to the pot is un-necessary. I knew there was a time needed for the ADC process, but didn't quite know why, now I do. So thanks again, your time taken to answer my questio
  8. Thanks for the information. Reading the sheet I couldn't find anything about the internal resistance and didn't fancy blowing my board up. As I said in my first post Im new to all this electronics millarky and so I don't quite understand the "draws very little current". I thought that unless there was something there to limit the current then all the current available could flow. Do you happen to know any good resources on reading up more on all this? Thanks again for the prompt answer though.. my experiments can continue in (relative) safety.
  9. Hi all, Im a software guy starting to get to grips with the MSP430 (and the electronics world as a whole). I grok the digital domain fairly well but at the moment its the analog side Im getting to know. Im about to try and get to know the ADC side of the MSP430 and as a test I want to put a pot onto it and display the readings on a nokia 3310 LCD display. I have the display working well and I know how I plan to attack the ADC side, but my question is regarding the safest way of connecting the pot to the MSP. My understanding is connect the outer pins of the POT to VCC and GND wit
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