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  1. I think your maths is a little off BH... You are calculating the share of shipping from china per item shipped but not then multiplying it by the number of items. I think you meant..... ------------------SIX RADIOS--------------------- Unit cost: : $1.8 * 6 = 10.5 Postage within US: $1.71 via first class mail Shipping from China breakup: $30/50 = 0.6 * 6 = 3.6 Total: 10.5+1.71+3.6 = $15.81 I know Im not part of this group buy.. But wouldn't like to see you out of pocket Dan
  2. Thanks for letting me know that my plans weren't massively off As I say Im still learning so it all helps. While looking at your BB/LP combo layout something occurred to me. (A couple actually.. I also like the Rubber Band idea.. nice one, though I tend to have the MCU inserted into the breadboard with leads to the LP for programming, I can then power from the LP or batteries then and the space taken up is minimal). LEDs have a forward voltage drop. If you know the drop of your LEDs, they (or it depending on the drop they have) can be used in series between the ECHO output and the 430
  3. Thanks for that username. Yes Im coming to all this from Software. To me ICs are like lego.. Plug the bits together and I can work most of it out fairly easily. The electronics side is what Im learning as I go along. I know the very basics (V=I*R etc) but don't know the "almost basics" that most EEs take for granted. For example I only found out last week that there is a voltage drop across a resistor and using V=IR you can calculate the current passing through it. Obvious once I came across it.. but without having it pointed out to me Im not sure I would have thought of it. Thats wh
  4. Ahh gotya.. So the signal is only one way? 5v into 3.6V.. For a one way signal a voltage divider would do the job nicely. Lets try a little ascii diagram here.... Echo (5v)-> | R1 (10k) | +------> MSP430 (3.3v) | R2 (20K) | Gnd ------> (Yay.. preview says that looks good enough for me) The signal at the pin on the 430 would be (20k /(10k + 20k)) * 5 = 3.333333v I gather there are things to be wary of for high frequency signals (parasitic capacitance or something) but thats getting into areas I
  5. One possibility (depending on how good/stable the 5v signal is) would be to use/(cut to pieces) a usb lead and use the USB plug on the launchpad that is designed to receive 5v. I believe that the +ve and gnd signals are the two outer connections.. (Yup.. This says that 1 is Vcc and 4 is GND. Ive never done this as I have a few 3.3v LDO regulators I slap in when something is powered via dubious methods (Solar Panels scavenged from garden solar lights for example) Researching 3.3v Zenner diodes is another possibilty but I don't know how stable this setup is when using a higher load (suc
  6. I agree with letting the adds run and get some coinage for future fun and frivolity. I actually DO use adblock but I have it disabled for 43oh as the adds aren't intrusive and its such a fun resource that showing a few adds is a small price to pay imho.
  7. Im using Audacity.. I use the export->Other Uncompressed Files->Raw Unsigned 8 bit PCM
  8. OK.. Here is the code.. There is a separate header/code file for each section/device.. So we have EEPROM_USCI.c/h - Contains the main flow of the project 25AA1024.c/h - Contains the routines for talking to the EEPROM (25AA1024) MAX5159.c/h - Contains the routines for talking to the DAC (MAX5159) USCI_UART.c/h - Contains routines for sending stuff through the serial port (Uses USCI on the 2553) xmodem.c.h - The "Fun" part of the project for me.. Routines for receiving a file using xmodem.
  9. Hmm.. Good catch BH.. Never noticed before.. I believe the code comes from the Nokia phones and they use the same LCD display in the 5110 and the 5510 models... We actually get to talk to the PCD8544 chip which does the actual heavy lifting which is what I named my library. One of the suppliers of the screens is ideadstudio and they say.. My screen came from ebay aeons back and they called it 5110 and thats how I refer to it in my head. (My wifes eyes glaze over when I mention my electronics.. so it tends to be in my head)
  10. Shame BH.. Im sure there are gunna be some interesting Halloween projects round here.
  11. Glad you guys seem to be liking it. As promised here is the schematic. Its my first time producing anything in eagle so any suggestions would be appreciated. Please note that although the schematic doesn't show it... There is an AC Coupling capacitor on the speaker/amplifier connection. I'll upload the code over the next day or so when I can get to that PC..
  12. Hi all, For Halloween this year I wanted to make a motion triggered device that screams at you and makes some UV lights flash/flicker. Here is a video of the device in action. My first thought was to use an SD Card but I couldn't get this to work (this was my first attempt with the hardware UART and I have a feeling I may be able to get a little further now.. so who knows) When the attempt with the SD Card failed I decided to use a 25AA1024 SPI 1Mbit EEPROM. As the EEPROM doesn't connect directly to a PC I needed a way to get the sound files onto the device. So I added a serial control
  13. I agree on the 5510s. Text, Graphics you name it. The only real downside is the space required on your 430 for the bitmapped font. The one I bought came from the famous auction site and Im glad I own one now.
  14. Ive used the 5510. I didn't use hardware SPI, just bit banging. The code I wrote is pasted on the forums Here
  15. Never heard of LMR. Im not using a board.. Just about all my messing about is on breadboard.. The joys of fiddly wires and all that. I was originally planning using an SDCard to store the samples.. but was my first forray into hardware SPI and it just wasn't working.. I have since got a better grasp of how it all goes together so at some point I think I will return to getting an SDCard working. May have a problem though without a hold line.. Anyone know of a digital/analog switch like the 4066 that I can find cheap (or even sample?) Im a DIP dude through and through and Ihaven't been
  16. We use a similar technique in this house. However we refer to it as reward and incentive
  17. Cool. Glad I could help. The chips are nice to work with aren't they? I especially like the HOLD line.. Means I can use the SPI pins for connecting to another device and not worry about dropping the CS (which will interrupt/cancel any pending read/write). Very useful when the other SPI device is a DAC that wants 1 byte 44K times a second Dan
  18. Hi Voodoo, Coincidence you post this as at the moment Im working on a little "halloween" project with a similar chip (25AA1024). My project has this chip, a DAC, an LDR for triggering the sound and a serial connection (for menu/control and using the Xmodem protocol to upload soundfiles to the EEPROM).. What I do is after a write I read the status register because there is a Write In Process bit. my code is... void EEPROM_writeEnd(void) { /* ********************************************************************************************* * * * * * EEPROM_w
  19. My guess on this would be floating inputs. They are close enough to triggering that pressing one switch can cause an adjacent track/pin to just go over the edge and trigger. You don't say which part you are using and Ive only really played around with the value lines and so haven't played with Port 3. However P1 and P2 have internal pull-up/down resisters and Im guessing the same goes for P3. These are enabled with P1REN=BIT1 | BIT2; and the direction set with the usual POUT.. So for example P1REN=BIT1 | BIT2; // Enable resistors on P1.1 and P1.2 P1OUT = BIT2; // P1.1 i
  20. Im fairly sure it is screwed. I had a similar situation (VMWare on Linux though). Exact same symptoms. I contacted TI Tech support and after an e-mail or two they shipped out a replacement. Looking at the E2E Ti forums it looks as though the upgrade and virtualisation is a bad combination that eats launchpads for lunch. So sorry but looks like your options are... Call tech support or just buy a new one.
  21. Lol.. Wow was my first thought on looking at that link.. I like the price.. The fact I couldn't find a datasheet was a little worrying but I read (all) the forum posts on the device and it looks like you can add an external antenna and update the firmware. With updated firmware you can set more options (Master or Slave mode for example).. Im soo tempted I may just have to splurge on one. Their wii Motion+ devices look interesting also.. $8 inc shipping for an I2C 3 Axis gyroscope.. Don't have a project that could use one.. but Im sure I'll think of something So thanks for the link x
  22. I think that may be your problem. Reset needs a pullup resistor not to be taken to gnd Sent from my GT-I5700 using Tapatalk
  23. Anyone from the UK ordered one? When I went to place an order it didn't mention a price for shipping and stated I would be contacted by an international sales rep. So I am curious as to what sort of stuff the sales rep asks and what they end up charging for shipping. TIA Dan Sent from my GT-I5700 using Tapatalk
  24. Is he here on the forums? Lol nope.. He is 6 years old. There is a MakerFaire coming here to Brighton in a couple of weeks (don't think its a biggie but don't know as its the 1st time they have held one) and he heard they do Soldering workshops and the photo of the one in Newcastle had children soldering. He got all excited and wants to have a go there. I want to cover the basics of safety etc 1st at home so he is less likely to poke someones eye out. So we have thought out a simple stripboard circuit with a POT, 3 buttons, an RGB LED an MSP430G2211 and supporting passives. Not sure
  25. Well shove me sideways and call me maxim.. My MAXADCLITE+ was waiting for me this morning. Haven't had time to fire it up yet.. but although some have been told out of stock, and mine went on back order stating Christmas time as estimated on Dock date. They do have some (well.. I know they had ONE when sending mine out.. where there is one there may be more) Hope this helps.. Dan
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