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  1. Just received mine here too.. Faster than expected to the UK.. All I gotta do now is find/make some time.. Time or money.. One day I'll manage to have both
  2. Gotta say I love that design Rob.. The breakout with the pins in a single line is idea for breadboarding. Ribbon cables onto the 2x4 pins of the smaller breakouts was nice and the way I saw I would use the modules.. but that breadboard compatible one rocks for me. So thanks bigtime. Dan
  3. Not forgetting my duo of boards 1. Bluehash------------------2 (USA) 2. GeekDoc------------------6 (USA) 3. Rickta59------------------3 4. caa028--------------------3 5. zeke----------------------10 (Canada) 6. krzyk2--------------------10 (Poland) 7. Lars Norway .............4 (Norway) 8. GreenITguy...............3 (USA) 9. DanAndDusty ............2 (UK) 10
  4. Added. $4.25 for shipping OK? Yup thanks.. $4.25 is cool with me
  5. I voted don't care.. I don't care what software it runs on.. I come on for all the information I can pickup. I use the tapatalk app on my android phone but I guess that is available for ipboard too.
  6. Lol.. I like it.. so neat and simple Dan *edit* Thinking about it.. you would have to be wary to sourcing/sinking too much current if more than one LED/colour was active at the same time.. But I still like the layout..
  7. Thanks BH. Nice to see I made it onto the list in time. However you forgot the (I) after my name (Im in the UK)
  8. After seeing MTGs breakout and mulling it over Ive decided I can't hold out any longer.. Gotta bite the bullet... If the GB is still open put me down for 4 modules pls.. Im in the UK so I shall wear my (I) tag with pride. Thanks Dan
  9. I like that layout MTG.. It fits with my style of prototyping (Im a hobbyist so breadboard all the way then Stripboard for something with a little more permanence). This would mean I wouldn't need a launchpad at either end.. Just a board, breakout+module, battery/LDO etc. So thanks again. Dan
  10. Thats the question.. The module comes with connectors 0.05" apart. Breadboard, protoboard etc use connections 0.1" apart. So soldering wires connecting those to header pins or some such would be possible but would be fragile and a pain.. So the main options are to solder the modules to a "Booster" to fit onto the Launchpad. This would work and be easy to connect.. but harder (but not impossible) to use with other devices. The other option is to solder the device to a breakout board which would be smaller with just enough space for the module, any supporting components required and header p
  11. Yeah.. I agree with the breakout plan.. I only use the launchpad for programming my 430s which sit on breadboard. So if there was a breakout Id order a couple.
  12. Gotta say that is a seriously nice looking board. Where did you get the boards made up and for how much? I have a few 5529s sitting here (not had any success trying to home etch a board for them.. the pitch is finer than my etching abilities)... I think Im gunna have to admit defeat and get a fabbing house to knock some up for me. I saw the schematic and board files in an earlier post so I think I can go from there. Thanks once again.. they look awesome.. Dan
  13. Nice little bot. Particularly like the idea of the LDRs in series with middle to one single pin. Very simple, elegant and obvious once you know it (like all my favourite ideas). So thanks for the burst of brain activity you have just triggered Dan
  14. Merry Christmas one and all. Hope you all get some good hackable kit Sent from my GT-I5700 using Tapatalk
  15. Nice Kenemon. Im also interested in the details of your project. Pouring over other peoples designs is always fun. Also did you get one of the 1000 chipkit max development boards? They look really nice.
  16. Looks like This is the link you are looking for.. Bummer.. I do all my dev in CCS.. but then I haven't had time to mess about with the 430 for a month or two and there is no end in sight atm .. so by the time I get to play.. maybe they will have released the CCS version...
  17. Noe.. These packs don't include ANY literature (apart from shipping/packing notes).. And I don't particularly mean that there is a pack using that chip for smoke/gas detection.. Its more that I found it interesting that they have an "IC Sample Pack" label for the device. It is possible that when printing the label they pick a device from a list of all their devices and someone had a slip on their keyboard, its nice to dream and hope though isn't it
  18. I also solder the female headers onto my LPs because my chips are almost never in the LP Sockets and breadboard is my way forward. However for the Cap touch sensor and the CC110L Air module (yet another piece of kit that looks really nice but I haven't had time to play with it yet) which both need Male headers on the LP I use a similar idea to RobG and use a double ended male connector to convert the female sockets. I like the idea of the new UART jumper layout but it doesn't really matter to me as I find a FT232RL breakout board much more reliable/faster. The fact that the more capa
  19. I had the COMBOSENSOR pack arrive the other day. Opened it today and and got a very nice surprise. One of the sample chip packages is marked with MSP430BT5190IPZ.. Didn't remember that being the part so looked it up Here.. Key drool points are .... Designed for Bluetooth solutions Fully Integrated LDO With Programmable Regulated Core Supply Voltage Upto 25MHz 256K Flash 16K SRAM 4xUSCI_A+4xUSCI_B 32x32 Multiplier Sounded really really nice.. Hmmm.. 100LQFP Package.. Not seen one of those.. wonder what they look like... Opened it up and inside its an MSP430F2003 as the details
  20. Hmm.. Been looking at the site for Petit FS Comment for pf_write says The limitations make sense to me.. To extend a file involves updating just 4 bytes in the FAT whilst preserving the remaining 508 bytes. Not easy unless WRITE_BL_PARTIAL is available on the SDCARD. Similar restriction for updating the directory entries for creating a new file or updating timestamps. From looking at the code it looks like you can call pf_write with a number of bytes thats smaller than a sector and it will pad it out. So if you know the size of the data you want to write you can pre-allocat
  21. I have written a library of routines for talking to SD Cards at a low level and Im working on a FAT32 compatible library. The SDCARD library Ive written uses 512 byte blocks and works fine. For the FAT library for program memory usage Im limiting it to only SD Cards.. NOT MMC or SDHC. From what I read SDHC cards ALWAYS return 512 byte blocks. SD Standard capacity cards can have the block size changed (Assuming the READ_BL_PARTIAL flag is set on the card). This means that you can read any block size from 1 byte upward. I *think* that you can only read with the RAM available on the va
  22. A lot depends on the motors you have. For example I have played (briefly) with steppers, ensuring I can drive them. All I used was a 430 and a ULN2803 (Darlington Transistor Array). The 2803 has enough pins to drive 2 of the motors I was playing with and also has the suppression diode to stop the magnetic field collapse turning me into on unhappy expermienter. The motors were scavenged salvaged from an old HP printer. From the research I did they look like unipolar motors. I just had a 4 pins from the 430 taken to the inputs of the 2803. The outputs from the 2803 were used to sink cu
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