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  1. I did receive a handful of old emails.
  2. Welcome back! Happy to hear you made it through the cancer episode.
  3. dubnet

    A Newb Returns

    Welcome back. You may want to take a look at @Rickta59 's post in the thread below as a possible answer. Not much more I can add as Energia under Linux is not my forte.
  4. I seem to recall that the later versions of energia didn't play nice with the G2 launchpad. If my recollection is correct then you may want to try an older version of energia, say 15 or 16, and see if you have better results.
  5. First of all, welcome to the forum. in order for someone to help you, you will need to provide more information. Please see this link for guidance.
  6. Sounds like noise. How is the ADC input physically connected to ground? If it is a long jumper wire you may want to shorten it as much as possible. A long jumper wire will act as an antenna, picking up noise from the digital clocks on your board. Another thing you can try is placing a small capacitor right at the ADC pin to ground.
  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Welcome to the forum. It is best to start a new topic rather than post to a topic that is a year old. To the best of my knowledge, Energia only supports two of the four serial ports available on the msp432. In order to use the other two ports you would need to use CCS (TI's development environment for their MCUs).
  9. @Fmilburn Thanks for the feedback. I did a little bit of research on the tradeoffs between the two methods, both from a readability standpoint and a performance standpoint. It wins on the readability and can be faster executing in many cases than the if/then approach. I will "switch" the code the next time I work on it.
  10. A while back @omnicron generously offered up some surplus boards sporting a MSP430F149 and a good mix of conditioned I/O on the board including a couple of 5.8psi pressure transducers. I feel that this, along with the programming header on the board, makes it a good all-around board for general purpose projects. The board also supports a standby NiMH battery (6v, 1800mAh) with charging/discharging capability and voltage monitoring all controlled by the MCU. The battery switches in via a relay upon primary power loss. One of the pushbuttons is configured in hardware to be used as a soft power
  11. What your professor should have said is: "A logic analyzer is your best friend". Seriously though, if you can borrow a logic analyzer to monitor what is happening on your communication lines that would allow you to see what is really happening. It is very difficult to troubleshoot communication issues between devices without one since you can't tell if you have a hardware issue, a software issue or a combination of the two. If you can't get a hold of a logic analyzer then a four channel memory scope, although not ideal, could help shed some light on the situation as well.
  12. My apologies. I did see that you had mentioned the fact that you are using the 5529. I didn't connect the dots very well between your hardware and the MSP430G2 Launchpad as it pertains to the CC110 Booster Pack. When I tested the CC110 I did use the MSP430G2 so disregard my comments on everything except the actual results of my distance test. Perhaps @energia could jump in and shed some light on the Energia implementation as it pertains to the CC110 Booster Pack and the issue you are experiencing. Wish I could have been more help.
  13. Have you tried to use the demo software included with the CC110 Booster Pack to verify performance? It allows you to set the various parameters of the CC110 from a GUI. The default program for the Launchpad itself is preprogrammed in the MSP430G2553's included with the CC110 Booster Pack. I was able to achieve reliable communications between two modules at a distance of 300 feet or more between two floors inside a concrete/metal commercial building.
  14. With the 5529 you don't want to use software serial. It isn't necessary as the 5529 has 2 hardware serial ports. if you are doing an include of the software serial library in your code you will want to remove it. Also, please only post once. You may also want to post your code with your request for help. It allows folks to better help you.
  15. My understanding is that the software serial is only supported in the value line MCUs under energia. However, the 5529 has two hardware serial ports available under energia. I have used both ports on the 5529 with energia in past projects.
  16. Since the board is not a TI product, I am not sure how compatible it is with Energia. You may want to check with the manufacturer to verify that it is. Regarding software serial, you will need to change the references to software serial in the sketch to one of the available hardware serial ports.
  17. You didn't mention which specific launchpad you were using. Software serial, IIRC, is only supported on the valueline MSP430G series MCUs without hardware serial built in. So unless you are using one of these, you will need to modify your code to use the hardware serial port on the MCU you are currently using (instead of software serial).
  18. The G2553 is a current product and you should be able to work with it under CCS or Energia. It does look like a driver issue to me as well. However, I'm not a Linux expert so you may want to wait for someone here more versed in Linux to chime in. You may also want to post your question on the TI E2E forum.
  19. it would appear to be so. If you have the 5529 Launchpad it would easy to confirm.
  20. You would need to take a look at the documentation for the F5529 to verify that it can be awakened with a GPIO interrupt. In a very deep sleep, IIRC, the list of available interrupt sources gets shorter. So if LPM4.5 supports a GPIO transition as a wakeup source you should be good to go.
  21. Are you using the 432 Launchpad black PCB or the red PCB? If you are using the black there are issues with the now obsolete black board. By using an earlier version of Energia (e.g. V16 or V17), it may solve the issue.
  22. First of all, welcome to the forum. If I remember correctly, the software serial library isn't supported on the F5529, only on the lower end G2 parts without built in hardware serial. However, it shouldn't be needed as the 5529 has two hardware serial ports. The second serial port would be referred to as Serial1 (e.g. "Serial1.begin" as opposed to the first serial port "Serial.begin"). Refer to the pin outs on energia.nu for the correct pins for each port.
  23. @NurseBob Not familiar with that one, but they do have an infinite bag of tricks. A memorable experience was when I was young.... I stayed over at friend's house in Southern California and slept on a pull out couch sofa bed. They had a cat with a bell on it's collar. The room was fairly dark but I could hear the cat moving about the room, and then silence. The cat would then launch from his perch on the back of the couch and land on my head or body. I would shoo him off and the process would repeat, until I determined he was having far more fun than I was and wouldn't quit this game
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