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  1. I've paid too. Please flash the chips (2) for me ,also. - Thanks
  2. Please add me too. (jensma , I added angelgrig back into the list it looks like they were dropped off your list) bluehash---------------1---------US cubeberg---------------2---------US GeekDoc----------------2---------US Greeeg-----------------1---------AUS Swampdonkeykami--------2---------CA SergioDeNice-----------1---------FR 2lostkiwis-------------2---------NZ distefanom-------------1---------ITA angelgrig--------------1---------GR jensma-----------------1---------GER clyvb------------------2---------US
  3. Given the discussions on serial monitor, I wanted to share some observations in case it helps anyone.. I know this is a linux thread post but thought this was a better place than a duplicate thread for mac. Mac osx , Launchpad v1.4 , launchpad v1.5. Energia 0101E0006, MSP430G2553 Doing the tx/rx 90 degree jumper swap did 3 things 1) Did not make the standard Serial version work on v1.4 board 2) Did make the standard serial work on v1.5 boards 3) Stopped TimerSerial.h version from working on both boards...(expected) So... I can not get the serial examples working in some of
  4. Robert, Rei, thank you for the suggestions it is fixed. I'm just confirming for others the setup and what fixed it. I am using the new 0101E0006 although about->Energia still says January though like the last version ? , osx version 10.6.8, 4gb 1067 Mhz , 2.66 GHz core2duo. mac book pro. I have had issues with all versions and it's the same if launchpad is plugged in or not. Once I excluded Energia.app from Sophos startup scan, it starts almost instantly. in sophos->preferences select "on-access scanning" and then "excluded items" add /Applications/Energia.app to
  5. First time Energia startup on my mac pro (10.6.8) is around 45+ seconds. It is a big executable, but I am wondering if there any system settings or options I need to put in place ? thanks
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