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  1. I guess I spoke too soon! I checked back in my old PICAXE code experiments. I did, at one point, put a delay inside the interrupt. But, later on, I put delays in a separate delay subroutine (function)- based on a flag I set in the interrupt subroutine(function)! I think its the C++ syntax that is making me think sideways. I am still getting used to it! Thanks again everyone for your kind patience and constructive suggestions.
  2. I kind of understand this. But, I am ok with nothing else happening until the interrupt exists. You can do this in PBASIC - Button triggers interrupt. You can loop the interrupt routine, even with a delay, until button is released. Interrupt exits. Maybe for some this is not what they want, but for me, that is EXACTLY what I want to happen. BTW, Thanks for the code, energia!
  3. Thanks all for the suggestions! I agree with @larsie - is there a code example for interrupts in Energia?
  4. Hello all, Maybe this has been addressed already, but I could not find the answer. I am new to Energia, and relatively new to Arduino. I understand that in the Arduino IDE , one cannot use a delay function inside an interrupt because interrupts and the delay function use the same timer in the Atmel chips. So, is this true for the MSP430 as well? Is there a clever library that uses another MSP430 timer for delays inside interrupts? I would really like to be able to debounce a switch inside an interrupt routine! Thanks.
  5. Hey 43oh'ers! Just downloaded the schematics for the new Korg Monotron Duo. It uses a Msp430g2231 to process the ribbon controller. I wonder if its reprogrammable to accept MIDI?
  6. Agreed. I think most people (I mean me) would be happy to have the API just for the Launchpad.
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    I am so sorry to hear about that MAtt. Please, create a list of things you need and an address of where to send it.
  8. Thanks for the hard work. My condolences.
  9. This looks awesome! Thank you so much for doing this!!! 2 questions: 1) Should the include header file of "easymsp.h" be now replaced by "EasyMSP082RC2.h"? In the YourFirst Project example? 2) For learning C, what books/sites would you specifically recommend? Thanks again, Roger
  10. Forgive me if this topic is on another thread already, but I couldn't find it in my search. To the point, I am running XP and have CCSv4 . Every time I go to Terminate All, the program freezes up and is unrecoverable. Does anyone know the fix for this? Also, the TI forum is down so could not look there.
  11. I live in Stillwater, MN. That's all. Thanks.
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