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  1. Hi to all, I'm trying to connect a mitsubishy trium LCD. but with no happy, interface similar to nokia 5110 lcd. but cannot find easy code for 2231 chip on launchpad, working in CCS. plz help
  2. Hi, everybody . the idea is to use launchpad ports as Input to decode data from SPI device, and send it to PC (uart) as hex data. plz help.
  3. how to compile inline code with ccs 4 ? /* Spends 3 * n cycles */ __inline__ static void delay_cycles(register unsigned int n) { __asm__ __volatile__ ( "1: \n" " dec %[n] \n" " jne 1b \n" : [n] "+r"(n)); }
  4. Good board, where can get similar? i need some for drv8825
  5. how do i need configure PINs to use SPI ?
  6. Hello everybody, have a problems, to port source codes from mspgcc to ccs. mybee anyone have any link how to change declaration, etc, to port source code. thanks.
  7. Hello to everyone from Latvia, Jurmala I'm just new in microcontroller, have 4 launchpads, and playing wiith it's..
  8. yep, i have same problem, i tying to change to p 1.6 but, not happy. where is the trooble.?
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