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  1. TI has provided many tutorials for getting started with CCS. Finding one you understand can take a long time. I think this one may be more helpful than some of the others: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Blink_your_first_LED. It covers installing CCS, creating a project, writing code, and programming the LP. I think it is simpler than the CCSv5 Getting Started Guide or the Getting Started with the MSP430 LaunchPad Workshop, so you may want to start there and go through the others after. CCS provides the pin outs, register declarations, etc. in the header files that get included whe
  2. For information about the .wav file format, check out this link https://ccrma.stanford.edu/courses/422/projects/WaveFormat/ It tells what you need to decode a .wav file for playing.
  3. Reading this ebook may be helpful: http://www.uniti.in/images/senior-project-guide.pdf. It is a guide to TI parts for those who are getting ready to leave college.
  4. When I bought the eZDSP5515, it came with CCS5. Or you could just download CCS5 from TI and tell it to use the bundle license (the eZDSP is the dongle), but this license won't work for '430s.
  5. Digikey carries them. They are in the on-line catalog under
  6. These are available from aliexpress. I can't post the rest of the url, so search for cc2500. They start at $1.75 in ten unit cost, but the shipping $10.08.
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