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  1. Be sure to "Thank" them.
  2. Still down this morning.
  3. I use OpenSCAD on Windows and Linux. Has a programming interface but a terrible editing window. I use an external editor (Notepad++) on Windows; I use the built in editor on Linux.
  4. Are you referring to the cover used on that calculator? Are you wanting just a backing that you could snap the PCB into to keep the clipped component leads from poking your hand? I could do one of those pretty easily once I have all the dimensions (board size including thickness, distance for clipped leads, etc.). I'll knock one out for you as soon as I get a kit put together. I may get ambitious and try to make a housing with keys like the one on the left in your photo. ;-)
  5. I'll try to design a case for 3D printing once I get my kits. I will, of course, send you one or two of any successful design, @@simpleavr.
  6. You made Hackaday! Congratulations! EDIT: Okay, I see I am a day late with news, as usual...
  7. My wall clock just died, so I think I'm going to try this on it. Heck, I can't make it more broken...
  8. bluehash---------------1---------US cubeberg---------------2---------US GeekDoc----------------2---------US This is about my speed, and my dad would love something he could use that emulates his old, beloved RPN calculator!
  9. @bluehash: Title still showed as [O]pen, so I changed it to [D]one.
  10. Oh, I have tried and enjoy several of the microbrews, but they are hard to find around here. Schlafly (a local brewery that started pretty small) has some really good seasonals. The only beer I know of that uses a nitrogen widget is Guinness, and that's Irish (the tap is special and uses nitrogen as well). It is, however, one of my favorite beers.
  11. With just washers, I'd worry about the screw making contact with the upper and lower layers. Hopefully these will both be ground fills, but better safe than sorry.
  12. I have actually found a domestic (USA) beer that I like for an everyday beverage: Miller's Fortune. I prefer Guinness (from can, not bottle), but it's quite expensive here.
  13. That board is a thing of beauty! The Army is lucky to have you.
  14. Really interested to see this happen. Hope it hits when I have a little extra $$$!
  15. Received mine 2 days ago. Nice boards! Now, I just need time to put it all together!
  16. Excellent! Just checked, and mine should get here tomorrow. BTW: I found that the customs form number can be used for tracking international as far as their point of departure from the USA. At least confirms it was shipped. Also, if I happen to be on that refund list, keep it. Group buys take a bit of work, and I don't mind you getting a little out of it.
  17. Boo! It would be an easy plugin if the date/time of 'Thanks!' clicks were captured. If it's just a tally, though, the plugin would have to keep its own count based on the tally at different points in time. Still pretty easy... Sorry, my brain just slips into analysis mode when I see a software problem or enhancement potential.
  18. Thanks. I suppose I could have looked that up myself, having the Internet at my fingertips and all. So, I'm guessing another week to get rolling again, then things get back to normal.
  19. I just figured it would be nice to reward these guys who do great posts/replys so often.
  20. LOL. That last week before the big holiday is always a loss, no matter where you are. When is LNY holiday over, anyway?
  21. How about a running reward idea? User who gets the most "Thanks" each month gets a prize!
  22. They're probably done and sitting on the dock. I'm sure they'll ship out as soon as everyone's back from the New Year celebrations.
  23. I just bought a Baofeng UV-5RA to monitor until I get my license. Great little unit for $30!
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